Why Is Demi Moore Working Out in Shearling Boots?

Demi Moore is back to a fitness routine, thanks to a very special mirror — and a pair of shearling boots. 

On Tuesday, the actress posted two videos to Instagram to announce that she's back on her workout grind, after taking an extended (and relatable) break. 

"I haven't exercised in, like, over four years," she said in the video, before zooming out to show a dance cardio workout displayed on a mirror. "So this gonna be my next jam. Here I go. Wish me luck!"

Moore also shared a timelapse video of herself doing the workout — in fuzzy shearling boots (perhaps some Mou ones), no less. In this video, she also hashtagged the title of her new memoir, Inside Out, which will be released later this year. 

In case you're wondering, the Mirror workout, which you might have seen all over Instagram last year, is exactly what it sounds like: A workout done in front of a full-length mirror that projects classes on the screen in front of you. As you can see from Moore's video, you can still see yourself in the mirror as you're exercising, but it has an invisible built-in screen that shows you workout classes. You use your smartphone to choose from a list of on-demand classes, or you can take one of the weekly classes in real time with other Mirror users. There are a variety of workouts, from cardio to boxing to yoga, so the intensity level will vary based on your fitness goals — for example, you can do a 15-minute stretch, or a more strenuous 60-minute class. 

Aside from being extremely high-tech, the Mirror is also goop-approved, of course. Oh, and it'll set you back about $1,495 for the mirror itself, in addition to $39 per month for a subscription for the actual workouts. 

If you can't quite commit to the Mirror, might we suggest a dance workout in front of your normal, non-tech mirror? It looks fun enough for Demi Moore. 

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