Why Is Meghan Markle Still a United States Citizen?

On May 19, 2018, the entire world watched as Prince Harry married American actress, Meghan Markle. Before the two had even officially tied the knot, many people were wondering whether or not Markle would decide to become a UK citizen once she was officially a member of the royal family.

Markle has never hidden her desire to become a U.K. citizen. However, now that she and Prince Harry have been married for over a year, many people are starting to wonder why her citizen status still remains the same.

So, why is Duchess Meghan a United States citizen? And will she ever decide to finally become an official citizen of the United Kingdom? Here is what we know about the future of the Duchess of Sussex’s U.K. citizenship status.

How can Meghan Markle become a U.K. citizen?

Duchess Meghan may technically be royalty, but that doesn’t mean that she will get any special treatment when it comes to becoming a citizen in the UK. She will be required to go through the same steps and procedures to acquire her citizenship as everyone else. 

For anyone who wishes to become a U.K. citizen, there are a few criteria that they must meet. First, they need to be of sound mind and able to make decisions for themselves. They also need to be over the age of 18 years old and have no serious criminal record.

Markle meets all of those criteria. The other thing that she needs to do is to remain in the country for three years after she submits her citizenship application and she will need to obtain a permanent resident card that grants her permission to stay in the U.K indefinitely.

In addition to meeting all of those criteria, the Duchess of Sussex will also be required to take and pass a “Life in the U.K. test.” This computer-based test is made up of 24 questions and covers a variety of topics, such as British history, values, traditions, and everyday life.

Has Meghan Markle already taken steps to become a U.K. citizen?

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Yesterday, The Duke and Duchess surprised their neighbours in Windsor at a coffee morning for military families in a community centre located in the heart of the Army housing estate. Every year during the month of November we pause to remember and honour all those who have served their country here in the UK, across the Commonwealth and around the world. Their Royal Highnesses also wanted to show support for the families of service personnel who are currently deployed overseas. As we lead up to Remembrance Sunday, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will join Her Majesty The Queen and other Members of the Royal Family at various commemoration events, including the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall and the Cenotaph. During the visit yesterday, Their Royal Highnesses met with young families who shared their experiences as parents and as couples who are often apart from their loved ones for months at a time. A reminder that a life of service does not simply describe the person wearing the uniform, but the entire family. #Remembrance #Lestweforget

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Before she had even officially tied the knot with Prince Harry, Markle was spotted actively taking steps to become a British citizen.

According to People, just a few weeks before her wedding last year, Markle was spotted at the VFS Global UK Visa Application Centre. She was presumably there to submit her U.K citizenship application.

Becoming a Britsh citizen is a lengthy process. It seems as if Duchess Meghan has submitted her application about a year ago. If that is the case, she still has a couple of more years to wait until she can become an official U.K. citizen.

Will Meghan Markle keep her U.S. citizen status as well?

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There are some definite pros and cons to Markle deciding to remain an American citizen while also obtaining her U.K. citizenship. On the downside, as an American citizen, she would be required to still pay her U.S. income taxes.

This could become a problem. Because Markle technically works for the royal family, having to disclose her income to the IRS could lead a few secrets getting out about the royal family’s income that they would probably not want the world to know about.

On the other hand, if she keeps her citizenship, her son Archie will be a dual citizen of the U.S. and the U.K. And, as Town & Country had recently pointed out, there are some unique opportunities in store for Archie if he were a citizen of the U.S. and the U.K. 

According to Town & Country, Archie’s dual citizenship means that he has the potential to technically become the President of the United States and also be heir to the British throne at the same time. Although it is required that presidential candidates for the United Stated need to be born in the U.S., as Ted Cruz has already demonstrated in the past, there are a few hoops that you can jump through in order to get around that rule. 

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