Woman blasts husband for sending photo to his ex

New mother whose husband sent a near-naked photo of her right after giving birth to his ex-partner reveals he’s accused her of being ‘over dramatic’ for feeling upset

  • Anonymous woman, from the UK, has blasted her husband for sending a photo
  • She was almost nude in the snap taken after giving birth and sent to his ex
  • Posting on Mumsnet, revealed husband called her ‘dramatic’ for complaining 
  • Many responses admitted they can relate to the mother’s anger

A woman has asked for advice after her husband accused her of being ‘dramatic’ because she was upset at him for sending a near-naked photograph of her after giving birth to his ex-partner.

Posting anonymously on the British parenting site Mumsnet, the woman explained that you could ‘practically see everything, breasts out etc’ in the snap of her with her new baby. 

She said her husband couldn’t understand her reason for being unhappy,  despite knowing that she doesn’t speak much to his ex who he also has children with.

A swathe of commenters agreed they would be annoyed if they were in her situation, but some argued her husband made an ‘easy’ mistake. 

A woman, who lives in the UK, has divided opinions after revealing her husband sent a photograph of her after giving birth to his ex (file image)

Posting on Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained her husband sent a photograph of her practically naked to his ex who she rarely speaks to 

The new mother vented her frustration, explaining that her husband has children with his ex partner and that things are ‘friendly enough’ between the two women, although they ‘don’t speak much’ after some awkardness at the beginning. 

Her husband’s children were excited to see their new sibling, so he sent over a photo to his former partner.  

‘He decided to send her a photo just after I’d given birth and you can practically see everything, breasts out etc…’ she explained.

‘I’m really annoyed with him. He thinks I’m being dramatic and she’s a mother, she’s given birth before and “seen it all before” so why does it matter?

‘I feel so exposed though and really upset about it. I’m quite shy as it is and just think he was so wrong to send that kind of picture to his bloody ex?! I don’t mind pictures being sent, I really don’t, but not such an exposed one.’

A flood of responses agreed with the woman’s reaction and admitted they would be annoyed if it had been their husband.

One person wrote: ‘I’d ask him who else he sent that pic to as well – his parents, siblings etc. He needs to learn about response and consent, and fast. Disgusting he thinks that a man gets to decide how you feel about other people seeing your body.’

A flood of responses to the post admitted they would’ve been angry and urged the woman to get revenge on her husband 

Another said: ‘I’d be furious. Wait until you’re having the bathroom done then go in and take a picture whilst he’s having a p*** and send it to friends.

‘When he complains tell him you were just sending her a picture of the new bathroom and his f****** w**** and hanging out stomach just happened to be in it too.’

A third added: ‘This is a horrible invasion of your privacy by someone who you would expect to protect and guard your privacy. I would feel extremely betrayed, he’s put you on display as if you are a trophy.’ 

However, others argued the husband had made a mistake and advised the woman to use it as an opportunity to bond with his ex.

‘He probably just didn’t study the background properly, easy mistake to make,’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘I think a lot on this post are over-egging the situation. It was stupid of him most definitely not to look at the picture properly to see the background or what he was sending, but to say that you should leave him over it is a bit of an over dramatisation.’ 

Other responses to the thread advised the woman to use the situation to bond with her husband’s ex

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