Woman falls down toilet after husband leaves seat up as she sparks debate

A new mum has sparked a major debate after revealing her husband is often leaving the seat up.

The woman took to parenting forum Mumsnet to explain that her husband is off work sick and she's noticed all these habits.

When she revealed she almost "fell in the toilet", users were left divided over her partner's behaviour.

However, some did say she should lift it for him if it bothers her that much.

She wrote: "I've asked him repeatedly, to stop urinating with the toilet seat up, as obviously it's gross and I sit in it.

"He's a bit of a germaphobe and touching the seat probably gives him the heebeejeebies but this is not reasonable."

She added: "He argued to the death yesterday 'twas not him that had peed on the seat and he'd 'wiped' it afterwards.

"So he's now lifting the seat, but not putting it back down!

"TWICE today, I have fallen down the loo!' I'm looking after a little baby'.

"So I fell down it this morning and shouted and then the NEXT time I was shouting. Surely men should put it back down after?

"Is this equal rights now? He's lifts and I close? Sharing is caring?"

Many commentators felt that getting a wet bottom was the woman's fault for not checking whether the seat was down.

One wrote: "It's pretty obvious when it's up…"

A third commented: "Look when you're sitting then."

And others did back the woman as one said: "The rule in our house is lid closed when you're done. This wouldn't be a problem."

Another added: "Surely everyone puts the toilet lid down to flush to stop all the urine and faecal matter spraying all over?"

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