Woman has shortest date in history after man says he feels marginalised

A woman said she had the "shortest date in history" after meeting a man for the first time.

The TikToker, who goes by the name "Javs", said she was glad that she didn't waste time getting ready for the date after the horrible encounter on Saturday (August 7).

She wrote: "Men can't live with them can live without them."

In the clip seen 3.8 million times, Javs records a selfie video as she looks into the camera and listens to him talking while they both sit down in a cafe.

The man is heard saying: "As a straight male I often feel marginalised."

She pauses and gives an awkward smile before telling him: "I'm going home."

Some viewers were convinced that it was staged but Javs added in the comments: "One quick thing, I'm allowed to leave even if he said nothing at all. That's the beauty of choice…getting mad at me for leaving is [a red flag]."

One said: "Proud of you for leaving right away, so many people stay because they feel obligated to."

Another wrote: "This wasn't a red flag that was a whole state of emergency."

Some debated why the man used the word "marginalised"..

"He said he felt marginalised, as a white straight male you cannot ever feel marginalised because he is the oppressor," a viewer commented while a second said: "Treating someone as insignificant is marginalised."

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However, one stressed: "I don't care what you all say about how the patriarchy affects everyone, if i hear 'as a straight male'… I'm out."

One dating expert recently gave tips to women on things to look out for on their first date.

Jana Hocking said woman should only pay on their first date under one circumstance – if they have asked a man out.

But the bill should be halved with a guy, rather than him paying it whole.

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