Woman with extra ‘armpit boobs’ that ‘leak milk’ too embarrassed to wear dresses

A woman has told of her hellish experience growing two extra "armpit boobs" that she claims would squirt out milk when she breastfed.

Samantha, from Los Angeles, US, was on the TV show Botched on channel E! hoping to get what she nicknamed her "pitties" surgically removed.

The mum, who first noticed the lumps after she gave birth, said: "I have two sets of boobs and although you would think that would be fun, it's not."

Samantha was so embarrassed by the lumps in her armpit that she covered up on her wedding day and was left in constant pain from when they "rubbed raw" against her clothing.

Samantha's husband, Frank, said he hoped she would one day overcome her low self-esteem and be able to wear dresses once more.

He told the show: "When we got married, Samantha wasn't even able to wear the wedding dress of her dreams because it's a sleeveless dress that revealed everything in her armpit.

"I hope that maybe one day she would be able to wear her dress that she's always wanted to wear."

Surgeon Terry Dubrow discovered the problem was a build-up of skin tissue that could be fixed with simple liposuction.

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This meant it wasn't a more serious issue, like breast tissue growing in the armpit or a thyroid problem that might cause complications.

She said: "I can't wait to wear what I want and just be more confident.

"I'm just so excited. I'm so thankful for Dr Dubrow. He just did what he knew he needed to do."

Samantha celebrated by finally wearing a sleeveless wedding dress she had always dreamed about.

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This comes after a woman begged her parents to pay for breast reduction surgery after struggling with her 28EE boobs.

Lilli Maki, 18, is now a 28B and says she has never felt more confident.

She says: "I never in a million years thought I would buy a bikini in an XS, that would fit both my body and my boobs.

"I have a new-found confidence and appreciation for my body. My self-esteem and confidence is the ultimate gift I've gotten from my surgery."

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