Woman's trainers went missing at London's Winter Wonderland

Woman whose £685 Balenciaga trainers went missing when she went ice skating at London’s Winter Wonderland claims staff told her she ‘should feel grateful’ after giving her Primark plimsolls to wear home

  • A woman has claimed her shoes were ‘stolen’ at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 
  • Posting on TikTok, she explained staff gave her Primark shoes as a replacement 
  • Responses urged her to ask for CCTV and to demand the cost of her shoes 

A woman who swapped her designer trainers for skates to enjoy her time at a festive ice rink has claimed staff gave her budget plimsolls after her designer footwear went astray.

Posting under the handle @sev_xx the woman took to TikTok, explaining that she gave her £685 Balenciaga trainers to staff at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland before enjoying her time on the ice.

But she claims she was then made to go home in shoes from Primark after her pair of trainers were ‘stolen’.

The clip has been viewed almost three million times, with some responses claiming to have had similar experiences at Winter Wonderland in the past. 

A woman took to TikTok to complain about her £685 Balenciaga trainers going missing at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland at the weekend. She’s pictured here at the London event in the shoes before they went astray 

The woman claimed to have been wearing Balenciaga trainers, currently priced at £685 (pictured), before swapping them for ice skates 

go winter wonderland at your own risk. still never got them back���� duet this if you got my balenciags✌��

‘Go Winter Wonderland at your own risk,’ the woman wrote in the caption of her video.

She shared a photo showing her outfit complete with the Balenciaga trainers on the day they went missing.

‘We went to Winter Wonderland and I came here with these shoes,’ she said.

‘We went ice skating and I gave my shoes there,’ she said, showing the designated area for leaving shoes and collecting ice skates.

She showed a photo of the Primark plimsolls she was given, saying: ‘And this is what I’m leaving with. £600 gone down the drain.’ 

The TikTok video racked up over 5,000 comments from people urging the woman to pursue compensation for her missing shoes.

In response to one comment, the woman claimed staff told her she should ‘feel grateful’ to have been given new Primark plimsolls.  

The woman said an employee gave her shoes from Primark (pictured) to wear after they were unable to find her trainers

The woman responded to a comment on her video, claiming staff told her to ‘feel grateful’ that she was being given new shoes 

The woman (pictured right) shared a clip of the desk (pictured left) where visitors leave their shoes in exchanges for ice skates 

One person claimed to have had a similar experience, saying: ‘This nearly happened to me yesterday, kicked up a fuss and refused to leave until they found them. Defo a member of staff there robbing them.’

Another said: ‘OMG this happened to us one year! They stole my friends Uggs, we refused to leave and I demanded to see CCTV all of sudden they found them.’

‘Funny how they happened to have Primark shoes in your specific size. They must have all different sizes back there. Definitely planned,’ a third wrote.

Another added: ‘The company should be buying you a new pair, you left your property in their care, it’s their responsibility.’

In responses to the backlash, a Hyde Park Winter Wonderland spokesperson said, ‘We are investigating an isolated incident of alleged theft at the Ice Rink. We are speaking with the visitor and have recommended she escalate this matter to the police. We take any allegations of theft seriously and will work with the relevant authorities to resolve this issue. 

A stream of responses to the video urged the woman to request CCTV footage and demand compensation for her shoes

‘Items at the Ice Rink are never left unattended, and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has strict lost property procedures. Our lost property department works hard to return any lost items to the public, and at the end of the event, any high-value items that remain are turned over to the police.’ 

According to the organisers of the festive attraction, new trainers are provided for people to wear home while they investigate the rare instances where someone’s shoes go missing at the Ice Rink to avoid anyone going home barefoot in the cold.

They then work with their lost property department, customer service team and the authorities if an individual files a police report. 

They have no evidence of staff taking visitor property and if it was the case, they would ‘act swiftly to remove the individual from staff and involve the police as necessary.’

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