Brian Wilson calls on fans to protest the Beach Boys upcoming show

No good vibrations here. 

Brian Wilson, the former front man of the Beach Boys, is speaking out against the band and calling on fans to protest Wednesday’s planned show at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada. 

“It has been brought to my attention that on Wednesday February 5, The Beach Boys touring group licensed by Mike Love are headlining at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada…” Wilson wrote on Twitter on Monday. 

“This organization supports trophy hunting, which Both Al (Jardine) and I are emphatically opposed to. There’s nothing we can do personally to stop the show, so please join us in signing the petition,” he concluded, sharing a link to a petition with over 75,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning. 

Per its website, The Safari Club hosts an annual multi-day hunting convention where members come to network, shop for guns and hunting equipment and book hunts. Donald Trump Jr. is expected to be the keynote speaker at this year’s convention.

One of the items the Safari Club is auctioning off during its convention is a seven day Alaskan hunting trip with the president’s son. The Safari Club website states trophy hunting “plays a vital and irreplaceable role in not only land but also wildlife conservation.”

People signing the petition on shared their reasoning. 

“This is abhorrently immoral. Shame on all the trophy hunters. Haven’t we evolved enough to know that practices like this are archaic?” wrote Janet Pritchard.

Others noted although they like the Beach Boys, if the band were to go through with performing, they would stop being fans.

“It’s incredibly disappointing that they are even considering performing at such an event. If they go forward, they will lose many fans, including me,” wrote Kirsten Dunn.

Though Wilson is known for leading the Beach Boys when the band was at its peak in the ’60s, in the early 2000s, Wilson’s cousin Mike Love, an original member of the band, won a battle to use the name officially on tour. Wilson and Jardine are currently touring together, per Wilson’s website. 

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