Fury vs Wilder 3 build-up LIVE: Latest news and updates as Gypsy King & Bronze Bomber make Vegas grand arrivals

FIGHT week is finally here as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder get ready to clash in a colossal Las Vegas trilogy fight.

Fury knocked Wilder out in seven rounds last year to claim the WBC heavyweight title but the Bronze Bomber is hellbent on revenge.

Both fighters are set to appear at their Vegas grand arrivals and Wednesday's press conference before weighing in on Friday ahead of fight night.

All the ring action will happen on Saturday night in the UK with the fight beginning in the early hours of Sunday morning, with the coverage on BT Sport Box Office.


Follow ALL of the latest news and updates below…

  • Joshua Jones


    Tyson Fury reckons he’ll be sad and lonely when he ends his boxing career.

    The 33-year-old will take on Deontay Wilder for the third time on the weekend, and doesn’t know what he'll replace boxing with when he hangs up his gloves.

    Because he doesn’t fight for the money or fame, the Gypsy King claims he’s only in the sport as he’s been chosen.

    Fury also doesn’t feel 100 per cent going into his trilogy fight with Wilder, but despite not being at his best, he reckons he’ll still get the job done come fight night.

    Meanwhile, Wilder has claimed he feels his retirement is getting closer too.

    The Bronze Bomber only has one anonymous person left on his list to fight, then he’s ready to turn his back on the sport.

    Speaking to Last Stand Podcast, Wilder said: “I can feel it getting close, retirement. I’m seeking one champion, one face, one name.

    “The faster I can get that, the faster I can retire and get the hell out of here.”

    However, Wilder still has to get past Fury who reckons he knows exactly how to stop the American on Saturday.

    Finally, Fury claimed he plans to drag Wilder into a dog fight first, and then give him a hiding.

    And once he does that, Wilder won’t ever want to fight him again, Fury thinks.

    He said to Fox Sport Australia: “I’m going to take the fight to him and drag him into a dog fight and drown him into deep water.

    “That’s exactly what I’m going to do with him.

    "I’m expecting an inside-the-distance fight for sure, and definitely going to give him a good hiding and beat him up real bad.

    "He will not want to fight me again after this, I’ll put it that way. There will be no fourth fight.”

  • Justin Lawrence


    Tyson Fury has shared how he plans to stop Deontay Wilder when they meet in the ring on Saturday.

    The pair face each other for the third time in Las Vegas, and Fury's sure Wilder won't want to fight him again once he's done with him.

    To make sure of it, Fury revealed he'll drag the Bronze Bomber into a dogfight before giving him a hiding.

    He told Fox Sport Australia: "I’m going to take the fight to him and drag him into a dog fight and drown him into deep water.

    "That’s exactly what I’m going to do with him,

    "I’m expecting an inside-the-distance fight for sure, and definitely going to give him a good hiding and beat him up real bad. He will not want to fight me again after this; I’ll put it that way. There will be no fourth fight."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Deontay Wilder has revealed that he is on the verge of retiring from boxing ahead of his trilogy fight against Tyson Fury this weekend.

    The Bronze Bomber is seeking to avenge his loss to Fury in Las Vegas when they meet for the third and final time.

    But it could be one of the last times fans get to see Wilder in action as he claims he plans to walk away from the sport really soon.

    There's only one person Wilder wants to face in the ring before he calls it a day, although he didn't say who the mystery opponent is.

    Speaking to Last Stand Podcast, Wilder said: "I can feel it getting close, retirement…I'm seeking one champion, one face, one name.

    "The faster I can get that, the faster I can retire and get the hell out of here."

  • Justin Lawrence

    'NOT 100%'

    Tyson Fury has claimed that he will not be in 100 percent condition for the trilogy clash against Deontay Wilder.

    Fury will go head to head with his foe for the third time in Las Vegas this weekend.

    However, the Gypsy King doesn't feel his best going into the fight.

    But despite his doubts, Fury is relaxed and confident he can defeat his nemesis Wilder.

    He told Boxing Special: "I feel good, relaxed and confident as I always have been, I am never beaten up about a fight it is just a boxing match.

    "It has just been a normal training camp, there has been good days and bad days, no-one is ever 100% going into a fight, let’s put it that way, but I am going to bring action and ferocity on fight night and I will be ready."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Tyson Fury says he will be a 'sad and lonely' person when he ends his boxing career.

    The unbeaten 33-year-old will defend his WBC heavyweight title against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas at the weekend.

    Talking to BBC Radio 5 Live's Boxing podcast, Fury says he would have no regrets if he never fought again and said he is not motivated by the vast purses he can command.

    The Gypsy King said: "I'm not fighting to be the greatest of all time, I'm not fighting to be a legend.

    "It wouldn't benefit me earning another £50m or £200m, you don't need to be rich to live my life.

    "I'm just a normal person who is very good at boxing and a very special, chosen person."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Tyson Fury has one of the meanest sounding names in world boxing today, and he's also one of the best fighters in the sport.

    But Fury's rivals Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte have called Fury 'Luke', with boxing fans now cottoning on to the mutual jibe.

    The heavyweight pair think Fury's actual first name is Luke.

    However, Luke is actually Fury's middle name, as listed on Companies House, Boxrec and Wikipedia.

    But Whyte is having none of it and recently told SunSport that Fury only calls himself Tyson to sound harder.


  • Jake Lambourne


    Tyson Fury has urged brother Tommy to 'get some balls and sign the f***ing contract' to fight Jake Paul.

    The former Love Island star, 22, has already admitted rejecting two fight offers from the YouTuber.

    Tommy told Paul: "Get your figures up and then we can talk."

    But big brother Tyson, 33, has told him and Paul to 'get some balls' and finally go toe-to-toe in the ring.

    When asked for his thoughts on the potential fight between the feuding youngsters, Fury told Behind The Gloves: "Hopefully it happens.

    "I hope they can both get some balls and sign the f***ing contract.

    "Make this fight happen and give the world the fight they want to see. I want to see it. Everybody wants to see this fight."

  • Jake Lambourne

    X BOX

    Tyson Fury has likened himself to X-Men's Professor X, insisting rival Deontay Wilder's mind games won't work ahead of Saturday's trilogy fight in Las Vegas.

    The Brit meets Wilder for the third and possibly final time at the T-Mobile Arena.

    Fury says he's not bothered if his rival talks and says the mind games don't work on him – likening himself to Marvel superhero Professor X, who could read and control the minds of others.

    He told Sky Sports: "I keep my own business to myself and I don't really care what that big dosser does, nothing.

    "I don't care what he does. If he talks or he doesn't. It doesn't make any difference to me.

    "Mind games don't work with me anyway. I'm like Professor X without the wheels."

  • Jake Lambourne


    "This time I’m going to do exactly the same but I’m going to put a bit more metal in there.

    "With Wilder, in my opinion, he’s come out with all this stuff, I’ve cheated, I’ve done this, I’m a natural born cheater, his coach – I must have some power mustn’t I because I’ve even got his coach on my side!

    "And not to mention [trainer] Jay Deas, he’s on my payroll too.

    "I’m like Tommy Shelby here, I’ve got them all on the payroll. He’s on the payroll too, Jay Deas, because he was in the changing room while I was getting my gloves on the whole time.

    "So he must have helped me and Wilder’s in denial about that. But let me just put that out there as well."

  • Jake Lambourne


    Tyson Fury has joked he will 'cheat again' with 'horseshoes in his gloves' in his trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder.

    The American accused the new WBC champ of having 'loaded gloves' days after he was battered into submission by the Gypsy King in their second bout.

    Speaking to MMA Hour after Wilder's latest accusations, the 33-year-old said: "Do you know what, I’m gonna cheat again because I’m gonna smash his face in.

    "So, according to him that’s cheating because he’s not supposed to lose. But unfortunately I’m going to cheat again."

    Then asked about whether he had 'weights in his gloves', Fury responded sarcastically: "Yeah I did. I had horseshoes in there, you know I’m a gypsy don’t you?

    "You ever watched Peaky Blinders? I loaded the gloves with horseshoes and dynamite."

  • Jake Lambourne


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    • Fury vs Wilder 3 will be shown live on BT Sport Box Office in the UK.
    • You can purchase the event for £24.95.
    • Coverage will get underway from midnight on Saturday, October 9.
    • The event is available for live streaming from the BT Sport Box Office app, which is available for download onto your mobile or tablet device.


    Tyson Fury is preparing to once again go to war with Deontay Wilder in a huge heavyweight trilogy this weekend in Las Vegas.

    Fans in the UK won't be travelling like they did for the first fight due to Covid restrictions, but SunSport are on hand with all the details on how to tune in on time for the ring-walks.

    What time will the pair make their ring-walks?

    • Fury vs Wilder 3 ring-walks are expected to get underway from 3am UK time on Sunday, October 10.
    • With the walks set to be long and ring introductions and national anthems to be belted out, it's likely the fight gets going closer to 3.30am.
    • Timings are subject to change and will depend on how long the undercard lasts.


    Deontay Wilder has issued a harrowing message to Tyson Fury ahead of their trilogy fight on Saturday.

    Wilder said: “My mind is very violent. We built a whole facility to commit a legal homicide and that’s just what it is, my mind is very violent at this time.

    “I can’t wait, when you’re contemplating and pre-meditating about harming a man and you see that person, what you’ve been thinking and feeling will come out.

    “The only thing about it is, at that point in time, I have to wait until I get in the ring to really release because I can’t do it on the outside, it’d defeat the purpose.

    “The baby’s got to eat, but when I do get in the ring, this is what I love about it, I’m able to release everything I’ve been feeling, everything I’ve been thinking, and get paid to do it."


    Tyson Fury delayed his second coronavirus vaccine to prevent feeling 'weak' for his Deontay Wilder fight.

    That is despite testing positive for Covid-19 twice.

    Speaking to the Daily Mail, Fury revealed the vaccine postponement was 'because I don’t want to get in the ring feeling weak or anything'.

    He said: "I have to do it myself because my nose has been broken so often in fights that no one else can manoeuvre the stick in there.

    "We also keep the bubble secure by having the gym under lock and key with nobody else allowed in while we’re there.

    "I’ve actually had Covid not once but twice."

    • Jake Lambourne


      Heavweight rivals Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield both want to see Deontay Wilder be aggressive in his rematch with Tyson Fury.

      As quoted by the Manchester Evening News, Tyson said: "I like Wilder but is he going in there to win or is he going in there for a big pay day?

      "They should go all out for five or six rounds. If you catch him, you catch him. Go all out, win or lose."

      Holyfield added: "In all these things you work on in being the very best. Is he getting it to the point where he can remember to do them as a natural thing?

      "The worst thing you can do for a fighter is let somebody new come in and giving him something new to do. They take it all of a sudden you start thinking too much."

    • Jake Lambourne


      Tyson Fury's shorts have got smaller and smaller the bigger the Gypsy King has become in boxing.

      The Brit started his career wearing giant boxing shorts that fell way past his knees.

      But the Brit has revealed more and more leg the closer he's got to becoming unified world champion.

      Fury has even taken to training in his pants too!

    • Jake Lambourne


      Tyson Fury has revealed he works hard to keep himself hydrated in the desert heat as he prepares for the Las Vegas fight.

      The Gyspy King has admitted that he drinks a GALLON of water a day.

      He said: "Well over a gallon a day.

      "Hydration is a vital key to performance. Your body is 75 per cent water. And I’ve got a big body. Must keep watering.

      "One per cent dehydration equals a 20 per cent drop in performance. It is hard to drink this much. You have to keep running to relieve yourself."

    • Jake Lambourne


      "He’s got a new trainer and he wants to get better.

      "But while he will also have the biggest punch in the world, I can’t really see how he can make a big difference to his basic boxing.

      "I hope he’s better. I hope he can give me a bigger challenge because we don’t want another beat down.

      "I love boxing and we all want good fights. Anyway, if we’ve both improved then the outcome should be the same.

      "Me breaking him down and smashing him to bits again. Only quicker."

    • Jake Lambourne


      Tyson Fury insists that he is '30 to 40 per cent' better than when he beat Deontay Wilder in February last year.

      He told the Mail: "Deontay will find himself up against a Tyson Fury who is 30 to 40 cent better than the Tyson Fury who steamrolled him in the last fight.

      "I haven’t wasted our 20 months out of the ring. I’ve worked non-stop to improve my boxing, my footwork, my jab. Everything.

      "I’ve been an elite fighter for years but I’ve used the break to move up to an even higher echelon.

      "I’m sure Deontay’s been trying hard to improve, too."

    • Jake Lambourne


      Tyson Fury's promoter Frank Warren claims Anthony Joshua will LOSE his rematch against Oleksandr Usyk.

      Warren wrote in Boxing Scene: “I cannot actually imagine a rematch turning out much differently.

      “I cannot see Usyk jumping on the party circuit and turning up horrendously out of condition. Fortune has very much favoured Joshua since he turned pro.

      “The British public craved a heavyweight hero and got behind him in their droves, backing him to the absolute hilt and invested fortunes in ticket and pay-per-view fees.

      “The attributes Usyk possesses are shared by Tyson with interest, along with a size and speed advantage.

      “A fight between them is a natural one to make as we will now consider an alternative way forward.”

    • Jake Lambourne

      UK BOUND

      Tyson Fury’s next fight will most likely be in the UK, his promoter Frank Warren predicts.

      Warren reckons all the top heavyweights in boxing including Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, are from Britain and not the USA.

      Minus Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, who beat Joshua to become heavyweight champion last week, but Warren thinks even if Fury fights him it will be held in the UK.

      Speaking to BBC Sport about the Gypsy King, who hasn’t fought on home-soil since 2018, Warren said: “Here’s no Yanks out there for him to fight. I think he’ll be back here which will be a great homecoming.

      “If Tyson wins the fight we’ll sit down. There’s a few options there. Usyk would be a massive fight here. The Joshua fight is still a massive fight.

      “Dillian Whyte is a big fight, providing he beats Otto Wallin [30 October] which isn’t a forgone conclusion. There’s some big fights for him.”

    • Justin Lawrence


      Tyson Fury has labelled his foe Deontay Wilder as the most dangerous boxer in the game ahead of their trilogy bout this weekend.

      Wilder's ferocious streak is a worry for Fury who refuses to write off his opponent, although many other people have.

      But the Gypsy King is aware of the threat Wilder poses and won't take him lightly in the ring.

      He told the BBC: "A lot of people are writing Wilder off in this fight. They almost look at him like he's a bum.

      "Like he can't fight and he's useless. You can't write him off.

      "Make no mistake about this, Deontay Wilder is the most dangerous heavyweight out there. Combine them all together and they don't make a danger like Wilder.

      "So that's what I'm messing with. I'm playing with an atomic bomb, messing round, clipping wires.

      "Every time you go into the ring with Deontay Wilder you're playing with that danger."

    • Justin Lawrence


      Deontay Wilder claims Tyson Fury didn't knock him out the last time they faced each other in the ring.

      Instead, Wilder labels Fury's victory a 'stoppage' because his ex-trainer former trainer Mark Breland made a 'weak' decision to stop the fight.

      The Bronze Bomber reckons even at his worst, and Fury at his best, the Gypsy King still wouldn't be able to lay him flat out on the canvas.

      He said to BT Sport, Via BoxingNews24: "Even on my worst night and his best night, he still couldn’t get me out of there. 

      "People try to label it as a knockout, but that’s not a knockout.

      "That’s a stoppage because of a weak individual in my team [who threw the towel in."


    • Justin Lawrence


      Tyson Fury has been applying pressure on US president Joe Biden to let Brits to travel to the US for his trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder.

      Fury will fight Wilder at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas this weekend.

      But US travel restrictions aren't are set to be relaxed until November, leaving thousands of Brits facing the prospect of missing the heavyweight clash.

      However, the Gypsy King is hoping Biden will make a last-minute exception to allow his fellow country-men to support him at ringside.

      Speaking to the Mail, Fury said: "I’ve still got my fingers crossed that at the last minute President Biden will open the borders to my supporters.

      “I’ve been putting the pressure on for the Brits to be allowed to invade Las Vegas again and make it like my second fight with Wilder.

      "The fans also love travelling abroad. They are gagging to come here. They will flock over even if they just get a three-day pass which would let them fly over this Friday, lap up the fight Saturday night, and go home Sunday."



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