Jim Breuer And Barstool Sports Chuckleheads Yuk It Up Over Racist Joke About Mets Pitchers

How about those freakin’ Mets, eh? Their relievers stink! They’re bums! Those guys are probably losing games on purpose because of the damn Mexican drug cartel!

Hm, my delivery’s not coming through on this one. Maybe it’ll land better if Jim Breuer, actor and Mets fan, tells the joke with an accent on a Barstool Sports radio show as two white guys laugh like it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.

Fuck! This bit about a Puerto Rican and Dominican getting threatened by the Mexican cartel is gold. Even if it makes no sense and hinges on the idea that all brown people are interchangeable, this is so funny. Holy shit, dude. It’s crazy to me that some people just aren’t getting this incredible joke.

Ohhh man. Dude, that’s so funny.

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