Josh Warrington fears fans will switch to Babestation instead of watching rematch with mandatory challenger Kid Galahad

JOSH WARRINGTON cannot get up for a Kid Galahad rematch and reckons turned-off fans will switch channels for more X-rated material.

Leeds' IBF featherweight world champ held off a challenge from the Sheffield ace in June 2019, with a controversial split decision.

And, despite the dull original disappointing fans, the sanctioning body has already reinstalled Galahad as mandatory challenger.

Once Warrington comes through a February 13 tune-up against Mauricio Lara, he will have to face his old foe or drop the red and gold 9st belt.

And the all-action 30-year-old dreads the idea of another limp contest leaving excited fans looking for alternative late-night stimulation.

The 30-0 champ said: "You can't be telling me the fans want to be seeing that again, it was an absolute snooze fest. 

"I want fans to be on the edge of their sofa, spilling the takeaway, hearts pounding, saying 'that was a right fight, save that on the planner, don't delete that, I want to watch that one again'.

"I don't want them to be turning it off and watching Babestation after round six because it's an absolutely dog s***e of a fight, you want to be watching entertaining fights".

Warrington craves a unification with a rival champion or a money shot at a marquee man in or around his weight class.

A bout with WBA champ Can Xu has been repeatedly planned and postponed and the Leeds Warrior has spent enough time and money on the phantom fight to leave him reaching for the tissues.

"The camp has been going forever, I've had to help people out during this camp because, without fights happening, other people have jobs on the side but when they're putting their hard earned time in the gym, I have to subsidise that. 

"Diet and nutrition too, a McDonald's diet is a lot cheaper than eating healthy with free-range chickens.

"Sparring partners, I've had them come from all over the country. They're on £20, £30, £40 a round and when you get in there and doing 10 rounds plus travel expenses on top of that. It soon adds up and it is all tailored on that opponent. 

"It won't go to waste but it is frustrating. I'm smiling on the outside but I'm crying inside."

Warrington got to the top the hard way and he has no interest in coasting.


Celebrated long-time champions Leo Santa Cruz and Gary Russell Jr are top of his hit list and he dreads the idea of retiring without having tested all of his potential.

"I don't want to get to the end of my career and think 'what if?'" he said.

"That's where sportspeople struggle mentally.

"I'm not saying I can beat these guys, I believe I can beat them but it's not written.

"If I get knocked out by Gary Russell Jr's lightning left hook then so be it but at least I can sleep at night knowing I tried to be the best.

"But going over old ground against the Kid, I don't want to but if I'm forced into that position then another snooze fest is coming. 

"But I'll win again and then he'll cry for another rematch and blah, blah, blah. It just goes on!"

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