Kosovo manager claims the only way his team can stop England star Raheem Sterling is to ‘break his legs’ – The Sun

BERNARD CHALLANDES joked that the only way Kosovo can stop Raheem Sterling is by breaking his legs.

Sterling, who scored in the 5-3 win over the Kosovans in September, is back tonight after a one-match ban for his bust-up with Joe Gomez.

Coach Challandes, 68, said: “For us it is not good news that he is back — it is double bad news.

“Sterling is one of the best in his position in the world and we saw in the first game the trouble he can cause.

“As a team we can only stop him by breaking his leg but we are too nice.

“But there are other players — Rashford is not bad, Sancho is not bad, Abraham is not bad.

“With or without Sterling, England is still England and the problem is not one player.”

Kosovo, who were only accepted by Uefa and Fifa in 2016, must qualify for Euro 2020 via the play-offs now.

Swiss Challandes added: “We can laugh a little but it is the 1,001st game for England — it is our 29th, so they are a little more experienced.

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