Mike Dean claims he celebrated an advantage when Tottenham scored vs Villa as he’s made to watch back infamous reaction – The Sun

CELEBRITY referee Mike Dean has revealed the reason behind his infamous celebration when Tottenham scored against Aston Villa in 2015.

Dean, who enjoys his spot in the limelight, has officiated a landmark 500 matches following Arsenal's recent draw with Sheffield United earlier this month.

He was even awarded with a commemorative medal before kick-off to mark the occasion.

Dean's career has not been without incident and he has often been the subject of debate among supporters in Twitter.

One of those came almost five years ago when he grabbed the attention for appearing to celebrate a Tottenham goal.

With just three minutes on the clock, Mousa Dembele rode off a challenge from the Villa defender before firing into the bottom corner.

Dean, who had played an advantage, then appeared to run off celebrating causing speculation that he was a secret Spurs fan.

But he has put the rumours to bed during a special interview with BBC.

When asked about it, he said: "I wouldn't say it was a goal celebration, I was celebrating an advantage.

"As you can see, but I kind of got carried away with the whole day really.

"It is a foul and I've played on, probably shouldn't have put my arms out but it was good."

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