Mourinho launches scathing attack on 'unprofessional' Premier League after late Covid call-off of Tottenham vs Fulham

JOSE MOURINHO has branded the Premier League 'unprofessional' following the late Covid call-off of Tottenham’s clash with Fulham.

Wednesday’s match was postponed less than THREE HOURS before kick-off – even though top flight chiefs knew about a high number of positive coronavirus tests in the Cottagers camp the day before.

Spurs boss Mourinho said: “I don't want to speak too much about it. Just to say that it felt unprofessional but that's the way it is or that's the way it was.

“Did it disrupt our preparations and schedule? Of course, we were preparing ourselves for that match and of course we didn't play and that is disruptive of what is a week of work.

“The training sessions before that of course they would be different if we were going to play that game. So people can think good for you because you didn't play, good for me if I didn't play – and I know that I don't play because then I could have a different cycle in the training sessions.

“But not to play and not to train like we would like in the days before of course doesn't help.”

Mourinho also believes this season is unfair – even if he admits he cannot say it – due to postponements and the Manchester clubs being allowed to start their campaigns late because of their involvement in the later stages of last season’s European competitions, which were delayed due to lockdown.

He said: “It's a special season with special circumstances. I think we have to say it's going to be fair, we have to say that as if we don't say that it's better not to be involved. We have to say that.

“But I believe that teams from before the season started it started immediately in a wrong way. To start the season with two clubs having a match in hand is immediately a wrong start. Immediately a wrong start.

“The season started in August and only in the last week of December we were informed about when these two matches are going to be played.

"Now it's not about two matches, now it's about many other matches or a few more.

“Then you go to for example the yellow card accumulation on match 19 you go from five to 10 yellow cards.

"What is going to happen is that match 19 is not the end of first round because for example when we play match 19 we played against a team twice and didn't play against Fulham one single game.

"So there are lots of things that are not right, but again it is what it is. It's what is possible to have and when you say it's fair or not fair, we have to say it's fair.”

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