Premier League yellow ball: When did teams begin using the new hi-vis Nike Flight ball?

FOOTBALL fans may have been quick to spot Premier League teams using the famous yellow ball over the weekend.

That's right, Nike's new bright creation means one thing – winter has finally arrived.

The yellow ball usually gets brought into action once the clocks go back in the UK – but this year it was a little later.

When did the yellow ball come into action?

Nike's new hi-vis 'Flight' ball was brought into the Premier League on November 21.

The first two sides to use the ball were Chelsea and Newcastle during their game at St James' Park, which the Blues won 2-0.

The ball will be used until the end of March, when the clocks go forward again.

What are the differences between the yellow ball and the white ball?

The ball is pretty similar to this year's standard white 'Flight' ball.

They key difference being that the winter ball is bright yellow with flashes of purple and orange.

The ball features aerosculpt technology, like most of the recent Nike footballs, including last season's.

The Premier League logo is visible on the official ball, alongside '2020-2021'text written next to it.

Where can I buy the yellow ball and how much is it?

The yellow ball is available on Nike's website for just £24.95.

The official ball, which will be used in the Premier League, can be purchased for a waller-crippling £124.95.

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