Tiger Woods had unlabeled pill bottle in SUV during car crash, was ‘somewhat combative’

An empty, unlabeled pill bottle was found near Tiger Woods’ wrecked SUV — and the pro-golfer was “somewhat combative” when first responders tried to treat him at the scene of his high-speed crash, according to a newly-released police report.

The 22-page report obtained by TMZ said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies found an “empty plastic pharmaceutical container” in the front pocket of a backpack resting in the brush close to Woods’ car.

“The container had no label and there was no indication as to what, if anything, had been inside,” the report states. 

No alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia were found inside the loaned 2021 Genesis GV80 Woods was driving when he crashed Feb. 23 in Rolling Hills Estates outside of Los Angeles.

When EMTs tried to free him from the wreckage Woods, 45, was “somewhat combative” — and so disoriented he thought he was in Florida, where he lives, rather than in Southern California, the report said. 

Police didn’t perform any field sobriety tests or try to collect blood samples from Woods, because they didn’t believe there was any reason to think he was inebriated.

Authorities said Wednesday that Woods was going as fast as 87 mph, close to double the limit, in the February crash that nearly killed him.

He was knocked unconscious in the accident and suffered serious injuries to his right leg that required surgery.

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