Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel to tell all on cheating scandal and golfer's first love in explosive documentary

TIGER WOODS' life on and off the golf course will be featured in an explosive documentary where his mistress Rachel Uchitel will be breaking her silence.

The 44-year-old had an 'affair' with the nightclub owner, which played a part in his marriage to Elin Nordegren ending in 2010.


And Uchitel, 45, will be speaking all about their romance in the HBO documentary "Tiger" – which will be aired over two Sundays in mid-December.

In a HBO press release, it states that the Alaska native – who was the "woman at the centre of the sex scandal" that ended his marriage – will reveal all about their secret rendezvous.

As well as Uchitel, Woods' first lover Dina Parr will also speak about her relationship with the 15-time Major winner.

The documentary showcases his downward spiral before eventually finding redemption after winning the Masters in 2019 – his first Major in 11 years.

Uchitel has spoken of why she has decided to take part in the HBO docuseries as she stated it's time to finally give her say on the scandal.

She told Heather McDonald on her podcast Juicy Scoop: "I felt like people have gone so low on me sort of about me over the last 10 years after all this stuff that had come out about the scandal that I felt at some point I needed to you know like remove the shackles of what that is like to not have a voice.

"And I felt like at some point, I needed to have a voice of what that was like for me and what it's been like for me because I don't think people really get that because people just like to throw names around."

She added: "That's a really hard way to live your life cause I've been stuck under that cloud and under that branding, and I haven't had a chance to get out of that.

"There are people that go through scandals like that, that are able to sort of slip out of it, and it's harder for a woman I think. And I deserve my own stand-up and share moment.

"Tiger gets to win awards or win his different tournaments. He gets to come out of things and have mishaps, and get up again, and people want to cheer for him.

"But the women don't get that so much, not just with him but with any scandal, and that's not really fair. And I just felt like I needed to be able to have a voice finally.

"Because it's been a really hard 10 years of having to just sit there and let people, in the absence of truth, let people say things about me and also just let people talk about me like they know me because they don't.

"And that's a really hurtful way to live. It hasn't been easy, ya know. So I decided to speak."


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