UEFA president says Super League plans are 'spit in the face'

Players involved in the European Super League could be banned from ALL UEFA competitions and the World Cup… and could even miss Euro 2020, says UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin

  • UEFA president refuses to rule out that bans could begin before the Euro 2020 
  • Aleksander Ceferin said UEFA would take all sanctions it can and that in his opinion clubs and players should be banned ‘as soon as possible’
  • He also described the plans as a ‘spit in the face for football’ and society
  • Ceferin said former ECA chairman Andrea Agnelli was ‘biggest disappointment’ 

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin reiterated on Monday that clubs and players involved in the proposed breakaway Super League could be banned ‘as soon as possible’ from all of its competitions and the World Cup.

Addressing an emergency meeting the day after 12 of Europe’s top clubs announced the Super League, Ceferin launched a scathing attack on the plan, which has been widely condemned across the game and beyond.

Ceferin refused to rule out that players could be banned from the Euros. When asked directly about when the ban would begin, he said: ‘I do not know when.’ 

He added: ‘We’re still assessing with our legal team but we will take all the sanctions that we can and we will inform you as soon we can,’ he said. ‘My opinion is that as soon as possible they have to be banned from all our competitions and the players from all our competitions.’

Ceferin described the  European Super League as ‘spit in the face’ for football and society – and said former European Club Association chairman Andrea Agnelli was ‘the biggest disappointment’.

Liverpool and Tottenham are among six English teams to have agreed to the new project

He added: ‘I do not want to be too personal, but  I’ve never seen a person that would lie so many times, so persistently as he did. It’s unbelievable.’

ECA chairman Andrea Agnelli has been accused of lying to UEFA over the plans for a Super Leagues

He said the behaviour of the clubs behind the Super League plan was about ‘greediness, selfishness and narcissism’.

Ceferin said he has spoken to Agnelli, who is also the president of Italian giants Juventus, on Saturday and was assured rumblings of a European Super League were just ‘rumours’.

The pair were due to speak within an hour, by Ceferin claims Agnelli switched off his phone. 

Ceferin also took aim at Manchester United’s Ed Woodward claiming he  had already signed Manchester United up for the European Super League when he gave his support to Champions League reforms in a phone call last week.

“I have seen many things in my life. I was a criminal lawyer. I have never seen people like that,” said Ceferin. “If I start with Ed Woodward, he called me last Thursday evening saying he’s very satisfied with and fully supports the reforms and the only thing he wants to talk about was Financial Fair Play, when obviously he had already signed something else.” 

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin claims Ed Woodward had signed Manchester United up to the Super League when he told him  he was supporting reforms to Champions League

The meeting on Monday was supposed to be a celebration for Ceferin having finally forced through plans to expand the Champions League competition from 32 to 36 clubs, with 100 extra matches.

UEFA expected the reformed tournament to be a money-spinner, which would allow three of the four new places to go to clubs with a history of European success based on UEFA coefficient rankings.

In the end, Ceferin was confirming his model of a competition, which will commence in 2024,  that has been undermined long before it ever opens.

He added: ‘I cannot stress more strongly UEFA and the footballing world stand united against this self-serving proposal from a select few clubs.’

Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, is furious at clubs behind the European Super League

He said society, football and government were all ‘united against this nonsense of a project.

‘We are united in our opposition to these cynical plans.

‘We urge everyone to stand tall with us us

‘This idea is a spit in the face of all football layers and society as well. I wil not allow them to take [football] away from us.

Ceferin thanks Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron for their support in opposing a European Super League. 

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