Behold: These Are the Must-Have, It Accessories for Fall

While the days of lockers and home room may be well behind us, come September, there's still that lingering urge to go back-to-school shopping. But rather than spend your money on trapper keepers and new notebooks, fall is the perfect time to invest in those extras that will make your outfit for the coming months, and beyond. We're talking classic shoes, must-have handbags, and everything else you really want. Here, a look at this season's best accessories destined to stand the test of time.

Etro bag. Photograph by David Abrahams; Set Design by Annette Masterman.

Burberry shoe. Photograph by David Abrahams; Set Design by Annette Masterman.

Jimmy Choo bag. Photograph by David Abrahams; Set Design by Annette Masterman.

Hermès bag and sneaker. Photograph by David Abrahams; Set Design by Annette Masterman.

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello bootie. Photograph by David Abrahams; Set Design by Annette Masterman.

Dior clutch. Givenchy shoe. Photograph by David Abrahams; Set Design by Annette Masterman.

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These Zodiac Signs Will Need To Take Extra Steps To Destress This Month

OK, ya’ll, we’ve officially got Labor Day under our belts, which means that despite the current warm temperatures, we have to accept that summer’s coming to an end. I can practically smell the pumpkin spice in the air already! But astrologically speaking, we’ve got one more major luminary of the summer that will give us a chance to emerge into autumn with a new perspective, and that’s the September 2019 full moon that’s coming up on Sept. 3 in dreamy water sign Pisces. But don’t be fooled: There’s a lot going on with this full moon, and dreamy as Pisces energy may be, we’re going to have some friction. That said, there are some zodiac signs the September full moon will affect least — so it’s important to know where your sign stands.

"This luminary is very intense," warns astrologer Lisa Stardust, who chatted with Bustle about what September’s full moon has in store. "We will be experiencing a ton of frenetic energy that will make us extremely anxious." This anxious uneasiness can be attributed to some hard planetary aspects that are bombarding the already-intense full moon energy: The moon will be in close quarters with Neptune (Pisces’ modern ruler), which is the planet of dreams and illusions — and this can make us feel confused, suspicious, and overall hazy in our vision of things. The moon will also be in a square with Jupiter and an opposition with Mars, which combined, can make us impulsive and hot-tempered.

But remember: Just because there’s a little astro turbulence doesn’t mean it’s going to be a rough time for everyone — it simply means we should be sure to up the self-care and put aside time to acknowledge and honor our feelings. "Take time to unwind and relax before letting the moon’s energy get the best of you," advises Stardust. Call on Virgo season’s knack for identifying areas that need improvement and pair it will the Piscean moon’s compassionate spiritual understanding to help work with the energy of this luminary.

All signs will benefit from a lil’ full moon self-care, but there are a few signs who are overall more likely to have an easier time working with the upcoming lunar vibes. Check out the zodiac signs the September full moon will affect the least — and then sit back, relax, and go with the flow if you happen to be one of them.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

You’ve been gritting your teeth and working through the pain lately, and while that’s both noble and impressive of you, it’s pertinent that you remember to put energy toward you time. "Give yourself the day off to destress from work and other anxieties," advises Stardust. You deserve a chill pill today, Aries, and this full moon wants to feed it to you.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

There’s been no shortage of stress and unexpected curve balls in life recently, but thankfully, this full moon should bring you the opposite of more chaos. Instead, carve out time for only the most relaxing of activities. "Take a meditation class to flow with the moon and decompress your worries," advises Stardust. You’ll come out of it feeling supremely refreshed.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Chatty Mercury and lovely Venus will have just moved into your sign as of this full moon, Libra — and your solar return is just around the corner! That said, this full moon is a gentle celebration of change: A coming home party of sorts. "Take a rest now to reinvigorate yourself for your upcoming birthday celebrations," shares Stardust. Center yourself so you can re-emerge with balance.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

As hard as you’ve worked to get your own affairs in order lately, Cap, you know you have no control over the affairs or actions of others. That said, under this full moon, call on your communication skills to rectify any drama stemming from sources outside of yourself. "Shut down the gossip and the false info that’s spreading with a simple text," advises Stardust. "Your words can remedy any matter."

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These 'Power' Stats Analyze The Show's Body Count, Top Killers, And It's Bananas

Out of the millions of viewers who have tuned into Power during the past five seasons, some have been keeping tabs on the specifics of the crimes committed on the show. Hailed as Starz’s most-watched series, Power has kept its fans interested with all its griminess, Ghost-related drama, and twists.

If you’re up to date on every season—including this year’s “The Final Betrayal”—then you’re aware that the body count is no joke. With so many characters willing to take someone out, expect the show to bow out with a giant stack of deaths. Spoilers ahead!

‘Power’ deaths ranked by killer, method, and number

Casino.orggathered data from the Power annals of history to create simplifiedcharts outlining the who and what behind each kill on the show. We don’t knowif anyone is betting on the number of deaths for season six, but these statisticscan give us an idea of which main character is doing the most damage.

According to their charts, Kanan was the deadliest with 14(remember his son, Shawn?), but Tommy and Ghost are tied for second place. Witha tally that runs through the end of season five, they each were responsiblefor 13 murders, including one joint effort for drug lord Lobos. And who’strailing them? None other than that two-faced Dre (Andre if you’re formal) with10. I’m still mad about Julio.

The grand total of Power deaths so far, including thethree from last night’s premiere episode, brings the number to 108. Guns arethe reigning weapons of choice, but as you know, Power fans, no one hasbeen immune to a stabbing or strangling either (ahem, Holly). There have been afew shocking surprises along the five-season way such as Ghost and Tasha’sdaughter Raina, but keep in mind that season six is just getting warmed up.

What we know about the deaths for ‘Power’ season 6

Some fans were already prepared for Angela Valdes’ eventualdemise, but that was just one big death that showrunner Courtney Kemp andexecutive producer 50 Cent promised for this last installment. During aninterview with HollywoodLife, Kemp spoke about having 15 episodes to wrap up the story, and how manycrazy moments to expect:

“Okay. So Episode 8 is big. Big death. Episode 10,bigger death. We’re off the air for 8 weeks, and then Episodes 611 through 615,each one of them is a big, explosive episode. So there are just multipleexplosions at the end of this series.”

New cast members are slated to join and with LaKeishapledging her loyalty to Tommy, there’s no telling who will be left standing bythe last episode.

Kemp has been deliberate with her plans for some ‘Power’ deaths

Kemp told Deadlinethat the body count for this season will be “very, very high,” but judging bythe way Angela’s death was handled for its emotional weight with Ghost, theother upcoming losses could be just as impactful for the show’s characters.Depending on who you’re rooting for, they might impact you too.

“The original idea was that Angela would die at theend of Season 5. In fact, we shot that death. But then I realized that weneeded more story time for Angela’s death than we had room for at the end ofthat season — and that perhaps, Angela and Kanan dying in the same, penultimateseason, didn’t give the audience enough time to process it nor leave enoughstakes for Season 6. So we pushed the death — but not very far.”

Who will make it out alive? High stakes, high emotions, and highexpectations will all play a role, but know that the Grim Reaper will continueto be very busy until the series drops its final curtain.

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These Two 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Just Teamed Up for This Fashion Necessity

Emily Simpson of Real Housewives of Orange County recently decided to join forces with an alum from the reality show. Simpson has always been vocal on women embracing their own unique body types, and decided to collaborate on a fashion item that celebrates each woman’s individuality.

Clapping back at body shamers

Simpson, who joined the cast of RHOC in season 13, recently took to Instagram to put body shamers in their place after being accused of photoshopping ’50 pounds’ off of her photo that was used to promote the show’s 14th season. She shared a behind-the-scenes image of the promotional photo shoot to prove that no photoshopping or other type of editing took place, and decided to give accusers a piece of her mind.

“For you (expletive) out there who feel the need to make derogatory comments on my figure ‘photoshopped to look like 50 lbs. were taken off’ in reference to the Season 14 #RHOC promo pic…. here’s the raw, untouched photo taken with my iPhone by my makeup artist. Looks exactly the same to me! This dress is a size Medium,” she posted on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

For you assholes out there who feel the need to make derogatory comments on my figure “photoshopped to look like 50 pounds were taken off” in reference to the Season 14 #rhoc promo pic…. here’s the raw, untouched photo taken with my iPhone by my makeup artist. Looks exactly the same to me! This dress is a size Medium. . I’m not sure if you all know this but I’m a woman, I have curves and they are frikin’ hot and amazing …but I’m also a human and I have feelings too. Why so many of you feel the need to say downright mean, cruel and vicious things.. I truly will never understand it. I hope you find some happiness and peace someday so that attacking someone’s looks and being so vicious doesn’t come so naturally to you. . So for all you mean-spirited, cruel and vicious jerks out there… please SWIPE left and kiss my unretouched perfect ASS! 😘😘 . #shutup #bodypositive #curves #confidence #getalife #losers #dressthepopulation #unapologetic #effyourbeautystandards

A post shared by Emily Simpson (@rhoc_emilysimpson) on

She reminded the naysayers that women have both curves and feelings, proudly owning her body type while letting her critics have it. “I’m not sure if you all know this but I’m a woman, I have curves and they are frikin’ hot and amazing… but I’m also a human and I have feelings too. Why so many of you feel the need to say downright mean, cruel and vicious things… I truly will never understand it,” she wrote. “I hope you find some happiness and peace someday so that attacking someone’s looks and being so vicious doesn’t come so naturally to you,” she wrote.

From reality star to swimsuit mogul

RHOC alum Lizzie Rovsek had a short run on the reality show, but she has remained in the public eye. With her swimsuit line Sun Kitten, Rovsek began designing bathing suits when she was pregnant with her first son Preston. According to her website, she created the line to be “flirty, girly, and beachy.”

Now the former reality star is teaming up with Simpson to launch a new swimsuit designed to make all body types look like a Sun Kitten.

A perfect union

With Rovsek’s designing eye and Simpson’s body positive persona, their collaboration on a new swimsuit is a match made in heaven. On August 5, Rovsek announced her partnership with Simpson on Instagram, revealing a new bathing suit that puts the female wearer in control of how much skin she shows and how much control she gets.

View this post on Instagram

☀️👙🦢 Get ready ladies, we are bringing back our BEST SELLING one-piece, The Housewife! @rhoc_emilysimpson , my beautiful friend, who is loved for her curves, collaborated with me to design a swimsuit that all women are going to L-O-V-E! The Housewife is designed for REAL women with REAL curves, a sexy suit for the voluptuous woman. This one piece boasts a built in bra that accommodates up to a 50 bust size. That’s not all, the suit has adjustable ties at the hips and bust so you DECIDE how much coverage you want. Some women prefer a high cut leg and some don’t find that flattering and prefer a lower cut. You decide how much cleavage you want too! The built in bra is equipped with sturdy boning within the garment, enforced elastic shelf bra and a comfortable halter tie at the neck. The garment is double lined and really pulls you in and gives you the support we all want at the waist. Suit sizes range from size 4 to size 22. ⏳🍑If you want the perfect hour glass figure this is your suit! ☀️☀️☀️☀️ PRESALE at 🦢🦢🦢 All presale orders will receive a gift with purchase of a @sunkittenswimwear Beach Bag👜⛱ AND….if you purchase the set Swimsuit & Emily Wrap Dress, we are gifting you with a custom 63” round yellow polka dot @sunkittenswimwear Beach towel! 🛍🛍 handbags by @carmensolofficial ~if ordering any of the gorgeous Carmen Sol products use code: SUNKITTEN at check out! 📸 @briechilders 💄 @devonduff 💇🏻 @saratintari #swimsuit #mompreneurs #collaboration #onepiece #wrapdress #housewife #design #fashion #loveyourbody #loveyourcurves

A post shared by LizzieRovsek (@lizzierovsek) on

Simpson is modeling the suit on Rovsek’s Instagram, along with a post detailing the new item. “☀️👙🦢 Get ready ladies, we are bringing back our BEST SELLING one-piece, The [email protected]_emilysimpson, my beautiful friend, who is loved for her curves, collaborated with me to design a swimsuit that all women are going to L-O-V-E!” Rovsek wrote.

The RHOC alum goes on to describe the suit, aptly named ‘The Housewife,’ and for whom the piece is created. “The Housewife is designed for REAL women with REAL curves, a sexy suit for the voluptuous woman. This one piece boasts a built in bra that accommodates up to a 50 bust size. That’s not all, the suit has adjustable ties at the hips and bust so you DECIDE how much coverage you want,” Rovsek wrote. “Some women prefer a high cut leg and some don’t find that flattering and prefer a lower cut. You decide how much cleavage you want too! The built in bra is equipped with sturdy boning within the garment, enforced elastic shelf bra and a comfortable halter tie at the neck. The garment is double lined and really pulls you in and gives you the support we all want at the waist. Suit sizes range from size 4 to size 22. ⏳🍑If you want the perfect hour glass figure this is your suit! ☀️☀️☀️☀️”

This dynamic duo is sure to be taking bathing suit sales by storm!

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Dario Gradi betrayed these children by doing nothing

Dario Gradi betrayed these children. He could’ve done something but he did nothing at all… and why were you silent, Sir Geoff Hurst?

  • Dario Gradi could’ve stopped paedophile Eddie Heath from abusing more boys
  • Gradi knew about sexual abuse allegations against coach Heath but did nothing
  • His continued employment as Crewe’s technical director is unconscionable
  • Sir Geoff Hurst owes it to football to be interviewed over report relating to Heath

As of now, Dario Gradi is still being financially rewarded for his contribution to youth football.

He is suspended, on full pay, as the technical director at Crewe Alexandra. His role relates directly to his reputation as an identifier, nurturer and producer of talented young men.

Presenting these simple facts in black and white, it beggars belief this should be the case. At 1pm on Tuesday, when the first of several inquiries into football’s sexual abuse scandal was published, Gradi’s position was no longer tenable.

Dario Gradi could have prevented serial sex abuser football coach, Eddie Heath, from abusing more young boys, according to a damning review into historical sex abuse at Chelsea

Former Chelsea chief scout Eddie Heath

It does not matter that this report concerned abhorrent events at another club, Chelsea, and did not relate to Gradi’s employers, Crewe. It is no longer mitigation to record that the monster at the heart of this investigation was a youth coach called Eddie Heath, and there is no evidence to suggest Gradi was involved in abuse.

He did nothing. He could have done something and he did nothing. He knew and he did not act. He heard but he did not care.

And as a result of Gradi’s complacency, or inertia, or whatever motivation he may have had as yet unknown, many more boys suffered Heath’s abuse.

Hearing their stories reduced Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck to tears. Tuesday’s report comes with a graphic warning about the nature of the contents. Not just looking or touching, not just being a bit weird, or funny around the boys. Masturbation. Digital penetration. Sexual assault.

‘I don’t remember being horrified by it, thinking it was awful,’ said Gradi of the one allegation he did hear. Yet Heath was not ‘a bit of a perv’ as he is described to one witness. He was an evil, menacing, fiend of a man, whose behaviour Gradi’s absence of care helped facilitate.

And while Gradi might not be painted as a bad guy himself, he certainly seems to hang out with a few. He was similarly implicated in protecting his friend Barry Bennell, a football coach and child molester on an ‘industrial scale’, as he was described in court.

Charles Geekie QC makes Gradi’s accountability at Chelsea equally plain. He refers to Gradi as ‘the single example… of an adult in a position of responsibility at the club being informed about an allegation in relation to Mr Heath’. He blames Gradi personally for the consequence.

‘The complaint about Mr Heath was not referred to more senior members of the club and an opportunity to prevent Mr Heath from going on to abuse others was lost.’ Gradi’s reputation, from this point, is irretrievable. His continued employment is unconscionable. Whatever development Crewe were waiting for before acting, here it is.

Crewe Alexandra youth team coach Barry Bennell (R), with first team manager Gradi (L)

Bennell was sentenced to 31 years in prison last year for sexually abusing young boys

On the issue of culpability, we are used to addressing an industry, or groups of executives. Headlines speak of ‘football’s shame’ and reports castigate entire clubs for historic complacency and incompetence.

The independent report commissioned by Chelsea, therefore, shifts this narrative. It does not pull its punches on the culture that allowed evil men like Heath to lurk within but, for the first time, Geekie is bold enough to state what many have suspected for so long. That someone had to know. That abuse on such a scale, in such a close community, could not have remained a secret. There would have been whispers, rumours, maybe more. ‘I do believe other staff and players knew what was going on but turned a blind eye to it,’ reports one victim.

It now transpires Gradi, a coach in his 30s and on Chelsea’s staff as assistant manager in charge of the reserve team, most certainly heard allegations against Heath directly, from a boy and his father.

Geekie dismisses Gradi’s version of what happened next – that he relayed them to a senior club official – and suggests instead he spoke only to Heath, whose bullying of the boy then intensified. This deduction is gleaned, powerfully, from interviews with Gradi, the victim and his father. Geekie’s assessment of Gradi, in particular, is damning. Geekie is sceptical about his evidence, his reasoning, his recollections. He describes one rationalisation of events as ‘self-serving’; another is ‘lacking in any basis or justification’.

‘Prior to hearing directly from Mr Gradi I reached some provisional conclusions that were adverse to him,’ Geekie admits, before devastatingly concluding several pages later, ‘my provisional conclusions were correct’. 

Gradi (top left) heard allegations against Heath directly when he was Chelsea’s reserve coach

Gradi’s reputation is irretrievable now. The fact he is still employed by Crewe is deplorable

The language of lawyers is, by nature, cautious; yet here the contempt is plain. Not just for Gradi but, later, for World Cup hero and former Chelsea manager Geoff Hurst. Geekie meticulously details the many attempts made to interview Hurst, who dismissed Heath shortly into his tenure at Stamford Bridge.

A first letter in 2017; a second letter, sent under the cover of Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck; a third letter explaining precisely why the interview was important.

Each time Hurst replied he was unaware of inappropriate behaviour and had heard no gossip about Heath. He was sacked for no other reason than his scouting performances and selections were poor. Hurst later told Buck he ‘did not wish to respond in any way, shape or form’. Sent a draft copy of sections of the report, there was only silence.

Viewed dispassionately, Hurst’s reaction appears understandable. If he has nothing to add, nothing of insight to reveal, why waste time? Yet Geekie’s request makes plain the unanswered question. Witnesses have claimed Heath was indulged because he was good at his job. Hurst’s version challenges this. Is it not, therefore, a loose end worth pulling?

Heath won a wrongful dismissal case against Chelsea in 1980 in which Hurst provided evidence. Despite Heath claiming he was sacked at the end of a two-hour discussion about his performance, the tribunal noted there was ‘meagre’ detail of what was said in the meeting.

Shouldn’t Hurst have filled in those gaps, out of courtesy to Heath’s victims – in a way his statement on Tuesday did not? 

For other reasons, too. In the years when Heath’s influence was greatest, football clubs were almost a secret society. 

Record-keeping was poor. Individuals – certainly those involved in youth development – seemed to orbit the club, often invited in by friends and allies and paid for their services in cash.

When the Barry Bennell abuse scandal broke, at first Manchester City struggled to find whether or not he even worked for them. There were the photographs, in Manchester City kit, or at the City training ground, but little in the way of a finite paper trail. When he came, when he went, what he was paid, who was responsible for him; it was all very vague.

So any recollection, any interview, may afford investigators hope. City’s interviews unearthed the name of a second abuser, John Broome, from before Bennell’s time. There might be a morsel of information, at first thought insignificant, that sparks an entirely fresh lead.

At the very least, doesn’t Hurst owe football this one? He hasn’t exactly done badly out of the game since that day in 1966. Could he not give just a little bit back? Would 30 minutes of his time be too much to ask?

Even if he could shed no light on the questions, isn’t there even the slightest sense of duty given the magnitude of the subject? After all, those in Fleet Street know that Hurst is only too willing to talk on a variety of topics in football if paid his standard fee. Could he not have found it within himself to do just this one for nothing? 

Sir Geoff Hurst declined to be interviewed in relation to a report on Eddie Heath 

For, no doubt, what continues to torture the victims of Heath’s abuse is not just the horror of the past, but the complacent present. The fact Gradi is still employed, and Hurst unmoved, and the law is yet to close the loophole that makes it legal for a sports coach to have sex with a 16-or 17-year-old in his or her supervision.

Incredibly, not even football’s abuse cases have moved the government to tighten laws and language around those considered to have a ‘position of trust’.

At present only people such as teachers, social workers and youth justice workers are legally in that place; sports coaches, faith leaders and heads of cadet troops are among those legally allowed to have sex with teenagers they supervise. The NSPCC is campaigning to close the loophole but, so far, without success.

As for Gradi, it is no longer feasible to consider him gullible, foolish or misguidedly loyal. It is no longer reasonable to suggest the past was a different country. These were kids and Gradi had a duty to protect their innocence.

One of the victims, returning to Stamford Bridge for the first time, said he would like to fall to his knees and smell the freshly cut grass – no doubt a pleasure that has carried too many terrors in adulthood. These were the children Gradi betrayed.

‘I’d got no intention of getting Eddie Heath into trouble,’ he told investigators. ‘I think I would have tried to stand up for him a bit.’

So Gradi picked his side and now football must, too. It is unthinkable he should continue to be supported by Crewe, or anyone else inside the game. From here, Gradi should have to walk on – like the young men he betrayed – alone.

Even if Hurst couldn’t shed any light, isn’t there a sense of duty given magnitude of the subject

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These epic design fails are so bad you'll struggle to believe they actually happened

THESE epic design fails are so bad that you'll struggle to believe they actually happened in the real world.

From a meaty marble dining set to hilarious advert blunders, we reveal the top picks of the worst creations designers contributed to.

Sun-thing wrong

Sit this one out

Zip it

At your service

When life gives you lemons

Can you handle it?

Toilet trouble

Safety first

Take a seat

Wall do they mean?

What a loaf of mould

Heads down, hoods up

Billboard blunder

Pet you will laugh

Roses are red…

Name and shame

Fast fashion

Save the oceans

Quick rinse

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These Nostalgic Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix In August Are A ’90s Kid’s Dream

Summer is a time all about creating new memories — and possibly reliving a few of your favorites through everything from s’mores-filled campouts to cheesy movie marathons. This summer, however, ’90s kids everywhere will turn their attention to streaming services, as all of the nostalgic movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in August will surely bring all of their most idyllic childhood memories back with their slate of programming.

First up, Aug. 1 will bring the unforgettable coming of age movie Now & Again to Netflix, featuring every ’90s kid’s spunky and sassy role model, Christina Ricci. If romantic comedies are more your speed, early-aughts pop star Christina Milian has got your back, with her new movie, Fall Inn Love, about a woman who moves to New Zealand after a bad breakup and fixes up an inn — and her heart — with the help of a hunky contractor.

Of course, that’s nothing compared to the amount of nostalgia-influenced Netflix originals headed to our screens in August; from a trippy revival of The Dark Crystal to the brand new adventures of Invader Zim, at the start of the month, Netflix will basically turn into the TV channel you always dreamed of as a child.

Here’s all of the nostalgic movies headed to Netflix this August:

Now & Then — Aug. 1

Relive all of the exhilarating highs and awkward lows of adolescence with this 1995 coming of age classic, starring Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Christina Ricci and Thora Birch. Plus, now that its target audience are adults, the movie’s rose-tinted nostalgia for the summer of the characters’ youth will hit even harder.

Four Wedding & A Funeral — Aug. 1

After you’ve fallen head over heels in love with Kaling’s take on the 1994 British rom com, relive the original charm of Four Weddings on Netflix. After all, you’ll probably need to start debating your BFFs over whether Hugh Grant or Nikesh Patel is the dreamier rom com boyfriend.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling — Aug. 9

More than 20 years after everyone’s favorite anxious wallaby left Nickelodeon, Rocko’s Modern Life will finally return to screens with a brand new movie — and it seems as if Rocko has changed with the times. "After 20 years in space, Rocko returns to a technologically advanced O-Town and makes it his mission to get his favorite show back on the air," the official synopsis teases.

Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus — Aug. 16

The aughts-era cartoon — which followed a megalomaniacal alien who invaded Earth in order to enslave the human race — returns to our screens after decades away, and Enter the Florpus promises to be just as bizarre and hilarious as ever. "ZIM discovers his almighty leaders have no intention of coming to Earth and he loses confidence in his own amazingness for the first time in his amazing life, which is the big break his human nemesis Dib has been waiting for," IGN described of the trailer, which premiered at San Diego Comic Con in July.

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance — Aug. 30

Jim Henson’s trippy world returns to the screen with a brand new cast of A-List actors — including Awkwafina, Game of Thrones stars Lena Headey and Nathalie Emmanuel, Mark Hamill, Taron Egerton and Keegan-Michael Key — as three Gelflings attempt to protect their world from the darkness.

Whether you want to relive the most exciting summer of your youth or simply want to escape to the magical world you’ve always wished to live in, Netflix has plenty of nostalgic offerings headed to the streaming service this August.

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These Are the Most Surprising 2019 Emmy Nominations

Try as we might, we never can predict the Emmy nominations perfectly. Legacy HBO series that are coming to a close, like Game of Thrones and Veep, are a given, and some of the first-time entries, like Fosse/Verdon and The Kominsky Method, were expected. But there were some big surprises this year. Check them out here. 

The little comedy that could, Schitt’s Creek

Chances are, you know someone who watches Schitt’s Creek. They’re probably told you about the hilariously subversive comedy about a wealthy family, the Roses, who loses everything and has to start over in a tiny town full of characters. But unless you pay for Pop TV, you didn’t encounter this series until Netflix picked it up 2017 — or, more likely, even later.

But once you watch the show, which stars Eugene Levy and his real-life son, Dan, as two members of the central family (they also created it), you’re hooked. Now, after airing its sixth and final season, Schitt’s Creek has finally been recognized. In addition to Best Comedy Series, Levy and his on-screen wife, Catherine O’Hara, are nominated in the Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy categories, respectively. 

The critically (but audience-ignored) Amazon series Fleabag

Fleabag is yet another Amazon series that got little to no promotion from its home studio. But critics got the word out, pleading with fans to take a chance on this uniquely entertaining series from Killing Eve writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge. And those who did were hooked, disappointed to find that after its second season began airing in 2019, there was no more Fleabag in the pipeline.

Waller-Bridge, who also stars in the series, was nominated both as the show’s Lead Actress and for her writing. Fleabag is up for Outstanding Comedy Series, and newcomer Sian Clifford, who plays one of the series’ few named characters, Claire, is nominated for her supporting role, alongside Oscar-winner Olivia Colman (who’s nomination is much less of a surprise).

The weird, darkly funny hit, Russian Doll

No one really knew what they were getting into when they started Russian Doll, a Netflix mystery comedy that’s first season dropped in February. This was, not coincidentally, just in time for Groundhog’s Day — you know, like the film, which is alluded to in the series’ time loop storyline. Only this take is quite a bit darker.

Russian Doll was a big hit for Netflix, but it’s a little out of place with the usual Emmy fare. Co-creator and star Natasha Lyonne certainly helped up its credibility, and she’s nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. The series is also on the list of Outstanding Comedy Series nominees, and two episodes are nominated for their writing (including the pilot, which was co-written by Lyonne and her fellow creators Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler).

Joey King’s career-making turn in The Act

You may know young actress Joey King from her appearances in a variety of films, from big-budget flicks like Battle: Los Angeles and The Dark Knight Rises to Netflix rom-com The Kissing Booth and its upcoming sequel. Her work on TV has also been well-received, but nothing compared to her turn as Gypsy Blanchard in the Hulu true-crime series The Act.

At just 19, King was, understandably, happy and surprised to receive a nomination for Lead Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie — she’s up against Oscar-nominees Patricia Arquette, Amy Adams, and Michelle Williams. Arquette actually portrayed her mother in the show but is nominated for her performance in Escape at Dannemora

Mandy Moore is finally acknowledged for This Is Us

This one is less of a surprise because it happened at all, but because it just happened. Mandy Moore has starred on the acclaimed NBC drama This Is Us since 2016 — the series’ third season finished airing in the spring. 

But Moore, unlike some of her co-stars has only just received her first nomination. For comparison, Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia (who portray her son and husband, respectively) were both nominated for Lead Actor for Season 1 and 2 (with Brown winning in 2017). Both are nominated again alongside Moore, and, for the third year in a row, This Is Us is up for Outstanding Drama Series. 

Netflix’s experimental film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The TV Movie category is a strange one. In the past, it has been merged with miniseries, though that has changed in recent years with the surge in miniseries. A new rule further clarifies this, stating that an entry must have at least a 75-minute runtime to be eligible.

This year, HBO is dominating the category. Alongside more standard fare is Netflix’s interactive Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch, which has been categorized as a film. In addition to having a runtime that depends on the user’s choices, this just feels like a very out-there choice for the Television Academy. It seems to safe to say that it likely won’t win.

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If You’re An Aquarius, These 7 Summer Vacation Ideas Are Perfect For You

Aquarians are the zodiac’s rebels — rebels with a cause, that is. Never ones to play by the rules and always challenging the status quo, Aquarius zodiac signs have an energy that is fresh, innovative, think-outside-the-box, and totally unique. Born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, Aquarius is an air sign — meaning it’s intellectually-minded, concept oriented, and quick thinking. It’s represented by the water bearer, which I always think of as representative of the knowledge and originality that Aquarius so generously bestows on the world.

We’re currently in the middle of a Mercury retrograde period and it’s messing up all of our summer travel plans, but the backspin is officially over come July 31 — giving us plenty of time to plan some fun in the sun, retrograde-drama free. That said, there are a few summer vacation ideas for Aquarius zodiac signs that will give these dynamic, optimistic air signs something super fun (and perfectly suited to their tastes!) to look forward to.

"An Aquarius has a strong desire for freedom, but they also love to be surrounded by their vast network of friends," explained AstroStyle on its site. That said, traveling with a group of people (whether those are close friends or strangers!) is going to make for a super enjoyable shared experience for an Aqua. "It takes a lot to hold tech-savvy Aquarius’ attention span — though when they find their obsessions they go in all the way," continued AstroStyle. "Aquarius is the sign of the trendsetter and trailblazer." Being passionate about a place or experience is important to an Aqua, as is being socially conscious, so a little planning and excitement-building before a trip can go a long way in ensuring they enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Without further ado, check out these super fun, exciting, and very Aquarius summer vacation ideas that will give the zodiac’s water bearer the perfect getaway to look forward to.

Seattle, Washington

Home to the classic grunge scene of the ’90s, the very rock n’ roll, artsy, counter-culture vibe is alive and well in the Emerald City. Despite having transitioned into a major tech epicenter in recent years (a la San Francisco), Seattle maintains its alternative roots with a vibrant art and music scene that counter-culture lovin’ Aquarians will appreciate.

Overseas Voluntourism

One of an Aquarius’ best qualities is their genuine interest in global issues and an idealistic zeal for making the world a better place. Optimists at heart, volunteering for a cause they care about and positively impacting a community during their summer travels is a perfect combo: So enter voluntourism. Described as "vacations with purpose," there are lots of opportunities for international travel that involve work/trade situations in which you can volunteer to help the local community while also experiencing the culture in a more authentic and less invasive way.

Walking The Camino de Santiago in Spain

The Camino de Santiago is comprised of a series of ancient pilgrimage roads, some of which span up to 500 miles, that hundreds of people visit and walk each year (often walking for up to a month straight in order to make it to the end!). Walking the Camino is a social and spiritual experience, and a test of the body — engaging all your senses. Open-minded Aquarius will love the history and mysticism behind this gorgeous pilgrimage, and will thrive in the social atmosphere that involves bonding with a group of travelers who have taken on the same challenge.

Bali, Indonesia

Home to some of the world’s most exquisite temples, beautiful beaches, and waves that are every surfer’s dream, Aquarians will fall in love with Bali. Locals are friendly, open, generous, and kind, which will make mingling with the community and getting a taste of island life easy for social Aquarius. It’s also home to many yoga and meditation retreat centers, which can give a curious Aquarius their spiritual fix.

Cross-Country U.S. Road Trip

Aquarians are a quirky bunch, so what’s more fun and stimulating than hopping in the car for a cross-country roadtrip with your closest pals? Open-minded Aquarius will def be down to couch surf and stop at every bizarre-o roadside attraction along the way. Plus, Aquarians love to get into deep conversations about every topic under the sun, making them fantastic in-car companions. Arm yourself with snacks, gasoline, a few rolls of film, and an Aquarius, and you’ve got a dream roadtrip in the making.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Did you know that Honolulu is a city with some of the world’s cleanest air? As an air sign, an Aquarius is definitely going to appreciate this fun fact. But it’s so much more than crisp, clean island air. Honolulu is incredibly unique for being a tropical, natural paradise paired side-by-side with the perks of an urban city. The big city vibe mixed with the phenomenal natural beauty is sure to intrigue an Aquarius and offer them an idyllic summer vacation experience.

Group Travel Tours

If anyone is going to fully embrace the idea of going abroad with a group of total strangers, no questions asked, it’s an Aquarius. If solo traveling works best for your schedule and interest but you don’t want to go at it alone, there are tons of travel groups that cater to millennial solo travelers that pair you with people that share similar interests so you can make new friends and travel with companions. Check out some of the best travel companies for millennial travelers and book yourself a trip ASAP.

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These Photos From Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Honeymoon Are So Romantic

These newlyweds know how to plan a romantic getaway. On Sunday, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner shared honeymoon photos from the Maldives, and the magical trip came with beach views, sushi, and a water slide. Turner and Jonas tagged their posts on Instagram from a hotel called Soneva Fushi. The private resort boasts luxury villas which look out at the island beaches and stunning blue water, and it’s clear the couple took advantage of all the beachside activities.

Jonas posted a vacation photoset which included a video of himself going down an epic water slide, as well as a sweet snapshot of Turner lounging near the ocean and showing off her new wedding ring. He also posted a picture of Turner looking out at the sea, captioning the post, "I found happiness," with a palm tree and sunglasses emoji. The caption is likely a reference to the Jonas Brothers’ recent documentary titled Chasing Happiness, as well as their forthcoming release Happiness Begins.

Friends and fans commented on Jonas’ post to appreciate the glimpse at the couple’s honeymoon. Model and friend of the couple Ashley Graham wrote, "Too fun" with a prayer hands emoji. OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder wrote, "Duuuuuuuuuuuuude that’s INSANE", while dancer Julianne Hough commented with three heart emojis.

Turner also shared a few memories from the trip on social media. The Game of Thrones star posted several photos of Jonas on Instagram, showing her husband lounging near the water, taking a tranquil nature bike ride, and enjoying some sushi and a game of chess in the sun. She captioned the photos, "Paradise. such a magical place." She added a wave, sun, and star emoji for good measure. Turner’s friends also shared the love on her post as well. Queer Eye’s Tan France wrote, "YEAH I SEE WHY YOU MARRIED THAT HOT BISH!", to which Turner replied "@tanfranceomg I love you haha."

The Maldives hold a special significance for the newlyweds, as Turner and Jonas first vacationed on Coco Privé Island in February of 2018, as per People. Turner posted a vacation photo on Instagram during that trip as well, writing, "Brb. In Paradise @cocopriveprivateisland #CoCoPrive."

Before the island getaway, the couple’s trip began with a second wedding in Europe. On June 30, Turner and Jonas wed in a ceremony in France at Château du Martinay, as per E! News. The two stars’ first ceremony took place in Las Vegas in May, but they planned the second event to celebrate with friends and family. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, Graham, Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Kevin Jonas were among the guests at the event, as per People. On July 3, Turner and Jonas made an official announcement on social media, posting a photo from the formal ceremony captioned, "Mr and Mrs Jonas."

Before marrying in Carpentras, France, Turner and Jonas explored Paris, further taking advantage of their time abroad. On June 22, Turner posted a selfie with Jonas in front of the Eiffel Tower, captioning the picture, "French Me." Jonas posted the Paris photo on his Instagram as well, using the same caption. The DNCE singer also posted a photo relaxing with Turner in Paris on Instagram from the same week, writing, "Nap Game Strong."

These two stars are clearly in it for the long haul, and there seems to be no better way to begin this marriage than a magical island getaway. Turner and Jonas have often shared their major relationship milestones on social media, and fans can likely look forward to more updates from the couple following their honeymoon.

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