25 of Paul Walker's Most Memorable Movie Roles (Photos)

Though he’ll be remembered as the “Fast & Furious” franchise star, Paul Walker began as a child actor and evolved into a steadily working action lead

“Monster in the Closet” (1986)One of Walker’s earliest roles was the 1986 horror flick “Monster in the Closet.” He played young “Professor” Bennett, the son of a college professor who teams up with another teacher and a local reporter to uncover the motive behind several murders.

“Tammy and the T-Rex” (1994)Walker got prehistoric in  “Tammy and the T-Rex,” directed by Stewart Raffill — he plays a boy named Michael whose brain is implanted into the body of a Tyrannosaurus and wreaks havoc on the town in search of his sweetheart, Tammy. 

“Meet the Deedles” (1998)Surf’s up, dude! Walker gave life to Phil Deedle, a surfer turned park ranger alongside Steve Van Wormer, who plays his brother, Stew Deedle. The film is a lighthearted one, complete with an ample helping of flatulence jokes. 

“Pleasantville” (1998)Walker got the black and white treatment in Gary Ross’ “Pleasantville,” where he portrayed Mary Sue’s unrequited lover, Skip Martin. 

“Varsity Blues” (1999)Walker played Lance Harbor in this 1999 sports drama. As Harbor, Walker brought to life a star football player who is forced to give up his dream of becoming a professional after a devastating knee injury. 

“She’s All That” (1999)In this coming-of-age film, Walker is Dean Sampson, who dares his friend Zack Siler (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) he can’t turn the “ugliest” girl in school — Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook) — into prom queen. 

“The Skulls” (2000)Underneath the pristine exterior of this fictional Harvard University, a covert society lurks. Walker, as Caleb Mandrake, is a new Ivy Leaguer looking to fit into The Skulls, a secret group that promises him valuable connections… for a price. 

“The Fast and the Furious” (2001)The beginning of the franchise that cemented Paul Walker’s legacy, “Fast and the Furious” was the first time Walker brought L.A. police officer (and undercover street racer) Brian O’Connor to life. 

“Joy Ride” (2001)Movies with cars, especially fast ones, are prevalent in Walker’s catalog. In 2001’s “Joy Ride,” he stars alongside Steve Zahn as part of a cross country road-tripping gang that has to outrun a psychopathic murderer. 

“2 Fast 2 Furious” (2003)The sequel to Walker’s debut as Brian O’Connor teams up with his old street racing friend Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) to stop a criminal from wreaking havoc on the streets of Los Angeles.

“Timeline” (2003)Walker tripped through time in “Timeline,” directed by Richard Donner and adapted from the Michael Crichton novel. As Chris Johnston, Walker gets stuck in the past with a group of archaeologists during a dig gone wrong, and must survive 14th-century war-torn France before returning home. 

“Noel” (2004)Paul Walker stars in this holiday story alongside Penelope Cruz, Susan Sarandon, Alan Arkin and Billy Porter. Walker stars as Mike Riley, a New York City Police officer who’s one of five New Yorkers profiled in vignettes as they search the city for love — and Christmas miracles.

“Into the Blue” (2005)Returning to his roots playing surfer hunks, Walker is Jared, a diver who comes upon a sunken airplane full of a drug lord’s cargo with fellow diver Sam (Jessica Alba). 

“Eight Below” (2006)In the family (and canine)-friendly flick “Eight Below,” Walker is Jerry Shephard, an extreme outdoorsman and sled dog runner whose team of eight dogs gets stuck in the middle of a dangerous arctic winter and fights to survive. No Huskies were harmed in the making of this movie! 

“Running Scared” (2006)As bumbling mafioso Joey Gazelle, Walker puts his legs to the test as he runs around New Jersey attempting to cover up a murder gone wrong, when the gun he’s supposed to dispose of gets into the wrong hands. Not much gabagool here, but plenty of gore. 

“Flags of Our Fathers” (2006)A tale of the six men who raised the flag at the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945. Walker plays Sgt. Hank Hansen, who leads his platoon to the top of Mt. Suribachi to rally his troops. 

“The Lazarus Project” (2008)In this psychological thriller from director and writer John Glenn, Walker is Ben Garvey, a criminal who suddenly wakes up in a mysterious new life in a psychiatric hospital. 

“The Death and Life of Bobby Z” (2007)Walker stars alongside Olivia Wilde and Laurence Fishburne in “Bobby Z,” a crime thriller that follows former marine Tim Kearney (Walker) as he impersonates a dead drug kingpin in a hostage negotiation. 

“Fast & Furious” (2009)Walker reprises his role as Brian O’Connor to take down a heroin importer, with assistance from mechanic-turned-racer Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel). 

“Takers” (2010)This 2010 thriller follows a group of robbers whose heist scheme is interrupted by an intrepid detective (played by Matt Dillon). Walker plays John Rahway, one of the heist’s masterminds. 

“Fast Five” (2011)The fifth installment in the blockbuster “Fast and Furious” franchise finds Walker at the center of a massive heist masterminded by the street racing crew led by Dominic Torett0 (Vin Diesel). 

“Vehicle 19” (2013)A parole-breaking American in Johannesburg, South Africa (played by Walker) picks up the wrong rental car and ends up in the center of a police scandal. 

“Fast & Furious 6” (2013)This installment in the “Furious” series sees Brian O’Connor (Walker) reassemble his crew once more to take down a mercenary team — complete with a tank chase on a busy highway. 

“Hours” (2013)Walker lent his onscreen talents to this drama, which follows the story of a single father named Nolan Hayes (Walker) who’s struggling to protect his baby daughter right after Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. 

“Pawn Shop Chronicles” (2013)As Raw Dog, Walker gives viewers a whole new look at his acting chops, as he plays a meth-addled white supremacist who spends his days robbing and pawning to get his next fix — until he pawns the wrong wedding ring. 
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