All-black 'goth house' on the market – but hasn't received any serious offers

Would you like to live in a house like this?

Darker than the dead of night, almost every surface and fixture in this spacious home has been painted black – and the gothic décor is certainly dividing people.

While it is true that statement, dark wall colours have become much more popular over the last few years, most people confine it to a navy blue feature wall, or a deep green spare bedroom.

However one Illinois property owner has taken his interior design several steps further.

This all-black property has been dubbed the ‘goth house’ after its renovation took a dark turn – and is proving difficult to sell as a result.

The two bedroom, two bathroom family home in Lincoln has gone viral since it was listed for sale at $250,000 (£186,000) earlier this month, with social media jokers saying it must have been designed by Voldemort.

Owner and estate agent Seth Goodman bought the octagon-shaped house last summer, and completely transformed it with an extreme makeover to help it stand out from the other homes in the neighbourhood.

Seth’s original plan was to just give the house a black shingle roof – but he liked the look so much he decided to make the entire exterior black.

He didn’t stop there, painting the interior walls black too. Even the garage is all-black.

Seth says he has had plenty of interest in the house after it became a social media sensation, but has yet to receive any serious offers.

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