Anne Hegerty left rattled as The Chase players win £15,000 in final round battering

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Bradley Walsh was joined by Liam, Pen, Gaynor and Mel, hoping to beat the Chaser and take home a portion of the prize money. As for who they were going head to head with, Anne Hegerty had the task of eliminating the players, but unfortunately, she didn’t have much success. And several mistakes in her final chase saw her lose the show £15,000. 

Liam was up first and he managed to answer six questions correctly, while he was tempted by the high offer of £24,000, he didn’t know what “mood” Anne was in. 

Nevertheless, he kicked off the possible winnings with £6,000. 

Pen tried to add to that, but her face to face questions were tough and Anne knocked her out. 

It was then the turn of Gaynor, who accumulated another £6,000 in the cash builder and added it to the jackpot. 

Mel was last to face Anne and after a nervous first round, he added another £3,000 to the prize fund. 

With a three strep head start, the Final Chase was on.

Those watching at home saw the team score 19 and host Bradley said: “That’s not bad. 16 questions answered correctly. 

“I reckon we’re only two or three short, you played really well there.” 

Anne added: “I wasn’t expecting that. Pleasantly surprised, a very decent score indeed.” 

It was then Anne’s turn and she didn’t have the best round. 

After answered a couple of questions incorrectly, and the team not utilising the pushback, Bradley turned to them and said: “You’ve got to start nailing these guys”. 

And that is just what they did. 

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The remaining four pushback opportunities, the player’s executed. 

And each time they did, they rattled Anne a little more.  

The fourth best female quiz player on the planet ended up losing and sending the three players home with £5,000 each. 

Those watching at home took to Twitter to congratulate the team’s success. 

“#TheChase they’ve won Anne was poor there,” a tweet read. 

Another said: “Congratulations team you beat Anne Governess #TheChase.” 

“#TheChase congratulations team what a good performance well played team enjoy the money,” someone else wrote. 

A fourth commented: “Someone finally beat the chaser #TheChase.” 

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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