Antiques Roadshow guest speechless over valuation of familys homemade glass collection

Antiques Roadshow visited Newby Hall in the Midlands in a recent episode of the BBC hit show and expert Will Farmer was stunned by a guest’s glass collection, made by her great-grandfather in the 1900s. After studying the items and speaking about the history, Will left the guest speechless when she revealed the items were worth £15,000. 

Will started: “Well as somebody who is an enormous fan of glass and glass-making, to see two such wonderful examples here with this beautifully engraved bottle and this cameo plaque, well it’s just fantastic.

“But while there’s a connection here, which we’ll go into is there a connection to these pieces for you?”

“Absolutely, they’re family pieces,” the guest explained.

“My great-grandfather was Frederick Engelbert Kny who was a well-known glass-engraver in Stourbridge [and coming from Bohemia and his son Ludwig, my great-uncle.”

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“We are talking one of the big names of the Stourbridge glass industry in the 19th century. What knowledge do you have of the pieces?” Will asked.

“I’ve always thought the scent bottle was Frederick’s, and Ludwig did the cameo plate,” the guest commented.

Will went on to confirm to the guest, the glass scent bottle was made by her great grandad.

“Okay well, I’ve had a look at the scent bottle and I’ve looked at the hallmark, and I can tell you that the hallmark is for 1905,” he explained.

The guest looked shocked at this revelation and revealed her great-grandad died in 1905.

Will went on to explain: “Now that’s not to say that this isn’t an earlier piece by him. That is a possibility but I’m going to knock that out and say that I believe that this piece is by your great-uncle Ludwig.

“I think the style of it with the engraving and of course engraving is your family’s hallmark and signature but the style of it, we’ve got the cherubs and wings and it’s a bit whimsical.

“Your great-grandfather was much more classical in their styles. Everything here has got that little bit of whimsy to it.

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“But the plaque I most certainly think this is Ludwig, [but] it’s worth noting it is unfinished,” he continued. 

“If we look at his piece of cameo glass and by cameo glass, we’re talking about a layer of opal glass laid over ruby which is then cut back to reveal the pattern and the colour.

“It’s quite one-levelled and when we see finished cameo you know eventually the destiny for this piece would have been to be beautifully detailed and all these areas picked out but it’s certainly been worked to quite an extensive end.

“I mean there are famous pieces of cameo glass from the Stourbridge region that were recorded to have taken upwards of nine, even ten years.

“The scent bottle is a beautiful example. I think you’re looking at a piece there worth… £1,000 to £1,5000.”

Shocked by this estimate the guest replied: “Gosh!”

Will continued: “The cameo glass is a slightly different thing because this market has marched on a pace. I’m going to suggest at auction this would be £10,000 to £15,000.”

The guest smiled in shock and exclaimed “Wow! That’s wonderful!”  

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer. 
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