Ash’s true identity exposed as sister of gangster Panesar brothers on EastEnders

Ash's true identity was finally exposed on EastEnders tonight as it was revealed that she was the sister of the new gangster brothers in Walford.

Kheerat, Jags and Vinny Panesar made their grand entrance tonight as they tried to hunt down their sister.

Actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, who plays Ash, has opened up about the reason Ash has kept her family ties a secret.

"Ash knows her family aren’t going to approve of Iqra so is trying to protect her relationship," Gurlaine said. "She’s come away from her family and is living on her own but knows when her brothers are involved, all her independence goes so she’s desperately trying to keep in control.

"She’s also trying to make Iqra understand without actually saying what the issue is."

Asked about what's next for Iqra and Ash, she said: "I think it will be a bit of a rollercoaster. I definitely think it’s going to be exciting and interesting to see how Ash handles her brothers meeting Iqra for the first time.

"I really hope it’s a happy ending for them and they’re together forever – but it is EastEnders after all!"

Ash wasn't the only shocked Walford resident to see her brothers in Albert Square.

Chantelle Taylor also appeared to see a ghost from her past in the form of Jags, played by Amar Adatia.

Jags was stunned when he spotted Chantelle waiting at the bus stop while waiting for her husband and children.

Chantelle also seemed to recognise him and stared up in confusion as he walked off with his brother Kheerat.

Gray also appeared to be disturbed by Jags' reappearance later, glaring at him as he took the rubbish out.

Later, Jags confesses to Kheerat, who asks what's wrong with him.

He says: "You know that girl I used to date back in school – Chantelle?"

"Tall, fit," Kheerat recalls. "I remember you crushing hard for her."

"We had a date," Jags hits back.

Kheerat responds mockingly: "Yeah? Did she know about it? Cos stalking doesn't count."

Upset, Jags walks off as his brother calls after him: "Oh Jags don't be like that. Where are you going?

"Pub," Jags replies.

Chantelle has been having an incredibly hard time recently at the hands of her abusive husband and suffered a harrowing miscarriage.

Considering that Chantelle and Gray have been described as "childhood sweethearts", it is highly likely that the three know one another from school.

How will Gray react to the idea of Jags and Chantelle catching up?

*EastEnders airs tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One

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