Below Deck Meds Lexi Wilson claims mystery star helped with backlash Lovely soul

Below Deck Mediterranean: First look of series six

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Below Deck’s Lexi Wilson confirmed she won’t be returning to the yachting industry amid a wave of controversy following her behaviour in the latest season of the popular Bravo spin-off. She recently took to her private Instagram account to assure her followers that all is well now her time on the series has come to an end.

Lady Michelle stewardess Lexi Wilson claims an unknown cast member reached out in support following her much maligned appearance on the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

The former Miss Bahamas has picked fights throughout the entirety of the show’s latest charter, which kicked off on Bravo and Peacock in June this year.

With her time at sea now at an end, Lexi has locked her Instagram account and opened up her stories to take questions from fans of the series.

She was recently asked if any of the cast from the previous seasons of the show have reached out to give her support during the ongoing media storm.

The reality star replied: “Yes and she is a lovely soul.

“And she completely understands everything and how this whole thing works!”

So far, Lexi has kept the identity of her Below Deck confidante confidential.

However, fans can almost certainly rule out anyone from the current season after the latest reports from behind the scenes.

Most recently, bosun Malia White rejected Lexi’s post-series apology after their heated argument in the hot tub.

She told US Weekly: “I think she was kind of like, ‘Yeah, whatever. I don’t remember. I’m sorry. Like, everyone get over it’.

“We were like, ‘How do you not remember? You were saying some, like, pretty intense stuff, you know?’

“So, I don’t think it was as sincere as we wanted it to be, but I think for her, that’s the best we were going to get.”

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Malia also claimed that Lexi failed to reach out to her after the episode in question aired.

Even so, she did maintain that the stewardess shouldn’t have been fired for her actions, as some viewers were campaigning for, and deserves a second chance.

Meanwhile, Lexi’s IG Stories paint a far more balanced picture on life aboard a luxury yacht as depicted in the series.

When asked about her favourite part of the charter, she replied: “Watching the sunsets when the weather is good and the sea conditions are perfect.”

“It’s literally the most romantic thing ever!” she added.

Although, she also admitted: “Oh and of course the [moolah].

“People work charter for the money, if they say it’s not the money that’s a bold face lie!”

Below Deck’s latest charter is still far from over, so fans can tune in next Monday to see if Lexi ruffles any more feathers.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 continues Mondays on Bravo. Episodes are made available a week in advance on Peacock.

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