Betty Broderick: When did Betty Broderick kill Dan and Linda Broderick?

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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story is streaming on Netflix now. The eight-part series is a dramatisation of the one of the most famous divorce and later murder cases in US History. Betty Broderick (played by Amanda Peet), the ex-wife of prominent lawyer Daniel Broderick III (Christian Slater) killed her former husband his new wife Linda (Rachel Keller) just six months after they tied the knot. When did Betty Broderick kill Dan and Linda Broderick? has everything you need to know.

When did Betty Broderick kill Dan and Linda Broderick?

Dan and Betty Broderick met in the University of Notre Dame in 1965.

Soon, they were engaged to be married and tied the knot four years later on April 12, 1969.

They spent 16 years together and had four children together, with Betty working odd jobs to pay for Dan’s medical and later law degree and support the family.

In 1982, Dan began having an affair with his new assistant, 21-year-old Linda Kolkena.

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Despite Betty’s suspicions of an affair, Dan denied the allegations for several years.

However, in 1985, Dan decided to end his marriage to Betty and began a relationship with Linda.

What followed was four years of a bitter divorce and custody battle between Dan and Betty in what was known as Broderick V Broderick.

Their divorce was finalised in 1989, four years after Dan filed the petition.

Dan won sole custody of their four children, with Betty only granted visitation at Dan’s approval.

He also paid her a monthly allowance, deducting money each time Betty verbally abused him and his new wife on their answer machine.

He also had numerous restraining orders against Betty and on April 22, 1989, Dan and Linda got married.

As seen in the series, Betty’s behaviour spiralled out of control and she even drove her car into Dan and Linda’s new home.

On several occasions, Dan ensured Betty was arrested and even sent her to spent time in a psychiatric hosptial.

Also seen in the series and heard in the real-life trial proceedings, Betty made numerous threats against Dan and Linda’s life.

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However, on Sunday, November 5, 1989 Betty’s threats soon became reality.

At approximately 5am, Betty entered the home of Dan and Linda Broderick, with keys she had stolen from her daughter Lee.

As seen in the series, Betty fired five shots at Dan and Linda. Dan was aged 44 at the time of his death and Linda was 28-years-old.

Linda was killed instantly but Betty recalled Dan spoke to her after he was shot.

She then proceeded to pull the phone out of the wall, leaving it unplugged and in the hall so Dan could not call for help.

Betty turned herself into police and never denied killing Dan and Linda.

At her trial, Betty explained she never planned to kill Dan and Linda and the crime was not premeditated.

Her defence at the trial was she suffered from battered woman syndrome (BWS) and was driven over the edge to commit the double killing.

On the other hand, the prosecution portrayed Betty was a murderer who planned to kill her ex-husband and his new wife.

Betty Broderick was convicted of killing her ex-husband, Daniel T. Broderick III and his second wife, Linda Broderick.

At the second trial on December 11, 1991, Betty was found guilty on two counts of second-degree murder and she was sentenced to 32-years-to-life in prison.

Betty is currently incarcerated at the California Institute for Women in Los Angeles, where she is expected to spend the rest of her life.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story is streaming on Netflix now

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