BGT comedian and Ashley Banjo joke about Ofcom complaints in final

During the Britain’s Got Talent final, comedian Nabil Abdulrashid couldn’t help but make a joke of the Ofcom complaints and death threats he received after his semi-final audition.

Nabil, from Croydon, had the entire judging panel in stitches during the fifth semi-final – so much so, they picked him to go through to the final.

The comedian’s performance, which pushed boundaries about his race and religion sparked hundreds of Ofcom complaints – and as result, he even received abuse and death threats online.

Although the dad-of-two did not that get him down, instead he used it all as material in his final audition.

He began his act by holding a fake press conference where he was questioned by reporters (well it was actually Nabil in disguise) about the complaints.

He joked that the backlash proved climate change was real, because ‘how else do you explain so many snowflakes in October?’

Joking about the number of complaints he received, he said: ‘I am shocked that many people know how to write.’

And it wasn’t long before he brought up the death threats as he added: ‘I make fun of vegans because they are the only people that don’t threaten me.’

He concluded his act by adding that if he did win it would be ‘the end of white people winning Britain’s Got Talent’.

‘Because you know what they say, once you go black, you never go back,’ he joked.

After being praised by the judges, Ashley Banjo couldn’t help but address the Ofcom complaints Diversity received for their Black Lives Matter routine.

‘I know what it’s like to get a few complaints,’ he laughed.

‘There are two ways you can react, you can bend to pressure or you can be unapologetically yourself.

‘It’s not even about being black it’s about being unapologetically you.’

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