‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Dark Phoenix,’ and ‘Late Night’ – IndieWire Weekly Review Roundup

It’s been a rough week for titles referencing darkness, as the new season of “Black Mirror” and X-Men movie “Dark Phoenix” both stumbled with our critics. But for every post-“Bandersnatch” disappointment, there’s an exciting new documentary or a Sundance smash being released. Keep reading for a roundup of all of IndieWire’s reviews from this week:


‘Dark Phoenix’ Review: X-Men Franchise Burns Out With $200 Million Misfire That Has No Reason to Exist

David Ehrlich writes that the lackluster X-Men flick was doomed from the get-go by its lack of a raison d’etre.

‘Late Night’ Review: Mindy Kaling’s Charming Comedy Offers Classic Laughs With a Modern Twist

Mindy Kaling’s Sundance hit adapts a time-honored formula to comment on our changing world, earning a B+ review from Kate Erbland.

‘The Gangster, the Cop, and the Devil’ Review: A Decent Korean Crime Thriller With a True Star Turn

To David Ehrlich, this less-than-stellar thriller serves as a reminder of how good Korean crime cinema has become. It may not live up to comparable entries to the genre, but some excellent performances make it watchable.

‘The Last Black Man In San Francisco’ Review: Joe Talbot’s Bittersweet, Unforgettable Debut

David Ehrlich contributes to the near-universal praise for this Sundance darling about Bay Area gentrification.

‘The Raft’ Review: The ‘Sex Raft’ Experiment of 1973 Gets a Fascinating Documentary Treatment

This documentary, about the infamous ‘reality TV without the TV’ experiment, is far more thought-out than the nutty endeavor that inspired it.


‘Luther’ Season 5 Review: Idris Elba’s Detective Series Returns With Feature Film Ambitions

The long-overdue fifth season is short but sweet, and serves as a good setup for a potential movie, writes Tambay Obenson.

‘Euphoria’ Review: Zendaya’s HBO Series Is a Teens-In-Crisis Horror Show

Zendaya gives a career performance in a deeply unsettling series that shows a clear vision while working out its rookie mistakes, writes Ben Travers.

‘Black Mirror’ Review: Season 5 Stretches Thin Ideas To Their Breaking Point

The latest episodes of Charlie Booker’s ever-expanding anthology are…not good, according to Ben Travers.

‘Tales of the City’ Review: Cozy Netflix Reboot Harkens Back to the Golden Age of Gay TV

This solid reboot offers something for everyone in the LGBTQ community, writes Jude Dry.

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