Bob Mortimer admits he was ‘unsure’ of the future after heart surgery

Bob Mortimer reflects on having open heart surgery

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During Thursday’s Good Morning Britain, Bob spoke with ITV presenters Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid about his new autobiography, as well as his new show, Gone Fishing which he co-hosts with his pal Paul Whitehouse. However, during the segment, the 62-year-old opened up about when he had lifesaving heart surgery. He went on to admit he was unsure about his future when he got told he had a heart condition.

As he discussed his new programme with Paul, Bob explained he never expected them to talk about their health so much in the series.

“We never intended to be so open about our health and everything,” the comedian began.

“There is something about the riverbank, the amount of time and your surroundings.

“We did start talking about times from the past and our hopes for the future and people quite enjoyed it.”

“We never saw that coming,” he continued. “We never saw a second series coming I tell you that.”

Speaking about his autobiography, Bob said he wrote the book during the coronavirus pandemic.

He went on to add that because he often appears on the TV programme, Would I Lie to You? he decided to add some chapters about the show in the book.

Susanna chipped in to ask the actor about his health. She said: “Bob, how are you doing in yourself? Because you were about to go on tour marking 30 years with Vic Reeves.”


The host continued: “But you had this heart concern. You didn’t even think it was a concern, you just thought you were tired.

“It led to some quite dramatic surgery,” Susanna added. “Thank goodness you did go and talk to a doctor at that point.”

Last year, Bob suffered a horrific triple bypass and at the time, doctors warned him that 95 percent of his arteries were blocked and that he might even collapse while he was out on tour.

He replied: “I went to the doctor on the Thursday and the following Monday I got married and then went in for open-heart surgery.”

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“That’s a big moment in my life and I centre the book around it,” Bob told them.

“It made me look to the past and think about what my future might be.

“It has been good; I’ve got new pipes. When I am out of hospital, I felt unsure what the future might be for someone who’s had this surgery.

 “So, I’m very happy to talk about this surgery with anyone who is going through it and to say, ‘It’s okay, you can go fishing’.”



Bob and Paul’s programme, which airs on Sundays, sees the duo journeying through the country, sharing life outlooks and enjoying beautiful places while trying to land a good catch.

However, despite series four currently airing on BBC Two, Bob has aired his concerns about the programme coming to an end.

Speaking to Radio Times, he said: “It’s judging if it’s overstayed its welcome, and I don’t think you can assess that until the series has finished.

“There will be something in the air that tells us, ‘That’s enough’. But I hope there’s another one. I would be happy to do it forever.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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