Bradley Walsh left red-faced after embarrassing tumble during Blankety Blank

Blankety Blank: Bradley Walsh falls over behind Jill Scott

Blankety Blank presenter Bradley Walsh found himself stumbling on the show’s steps and falling down in front of the celebrity guests including former Lioness Jill Scott.

In a first-look clip of tomorrow night’s episode, the jovial host had just read out one of the show’s famous scenarios for guests before asking them to fill in the blanks when the incident occurred.

He could barely contain his laughter as he read from the card and struggled to get the words out.

“Everyone on my street loves me, in fact, whenever I walk down the road I hear people say there goes…” he said before creasing up as the audience laughed.

Bradley had to start again and eventually managed to finish the scenario saying: “Everyone on my street loves me in fact whenever I walk down the road I hear people say there goes Brad. Isn’t he a massive blank?”

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This was the celebrities’ cue to fill in what they thought the missing word could be and Bradley approached them to remind them of what they were answering.

The six celebrities sat in two rows with the back one raised, so there are steps and a walkway between them and Bradley walks between them during every episode.

However, on this occasion, his confident strut was cut short as he walked up the steps and reached the spot where Anthea Turner was sitting behind Jill Scott.

He tried to walk down the few steps back to the main floor but seemed to lose his footing and slipped to the ground grabbing furiously at Jill’s booth as he fell.

Ever the pro, he quickly composed himself and leaped up in a karate-style pose as Jill adjusted what seemed to be a waste paper bin that Bradley appeared to have tripped over.

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“I could have hurt you there,” he quipped as Jill laughed and covered her face with her hand.

The audience and the other celebrities including Jason Watkins, Rob Beckett, Layton Williams, and Nadia Jae found the incident hysterical, and luckily for Bradley, he didn’t seem to be injured.

The fall came during filming for the opening episode of the new series of the popular gameshow which returns to BBC One tomorrow night.

Blankety Blank continues tomorrow at 21:35 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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