Bradley Walsh walks off The Chase after scolding contestant and jokes cant deal with it

The Chase: Bradley Walsh cringes at Giles Coren's 'dance move'

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The Chase returned for a celebrity special this evening as Bradley Walsh guided four stars through the ITV show with the hopes they would beat Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha and win money for their respective charities. However, the ITV presenter jokingly walked away from the quiz show podium after shutting down restaurant critic Giles Coren.

Giles, journalist Rachel Johnson, naturalist Chris Packham and comedian Josie Long were today’s contestants in the repeated instalment. 

Giles got the team off to a great start by earning £8,000 in his cash builder round. 

He decided to take Paul’s high offer of £40,000 and luckily secured his spot in the final by adding the huge sum to the jackpot. 

However, during his head-to-head with The Sinnerman, Bradley scolded the restaurant critic for his reaction to one of the questions. 

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Bradley asked: “What name is given to a collage of ideas and images used by a designer to create projects?”

The possible answers were mind panel, mood board and mixing shelf. 

Giles chose mood board but his reasoning for this answer didn’t go down too well with Bradley. 

“You’ve put mood board,” Bradley confirmed. “Why did you put mood board?”

“I was in the mood,” Giles replied while turning towards Bradley and pointing his fingers at him.

Mortified by the dance move, Bradley walked away over to the rest of the team. 

“Oh none of your dance moves here son, can’t be dealing with that,” the presenter scolded.

“That’s not a dance move,” Giles protested and Bradley asked: “Isn’t it?”

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Paul also answered correctly and said: “I had a website done last year and it was delayed by four months because they asked for a mood board.

“And in four months I had to try and work out what an earth they were asking me for.”

Rachel followed the restaurant critic into the final by adding £4,000 to the prize fund but Chris was caught by the Chaser after taking his high offer of £50,000.

Josie added £1,000 to the prize fund but Paul defeated the team with just two seconds to spare in the final.

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“Tough,” Bradley commented and Josie added: “Absolutely heartbreaking.”

“That’s the way it goes,” the ITV presenter remarked. “I’ve got to take it away.”

Paul said: “You played well you have my sympathy but you didn’t have a chance to push me back.”

The Chase airs on ITV on weekdays at 5pm.

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