Captain Marvel branded villain as she beats up EastEnders star in deleted scene

Marvel have been making action-packed blockbusters for years, but in 2019, the world got to see their first female superhero standalone film.

Captain Marvel was a huge success, surpassing all box office expectations and giving women across the world a new, powerful figure to look up to.

Fans have been desperate to see more of Brie Larson's Carol Danvers and were thrilled when she popped up in Avengers: Endgame.

Then last week, they were treated to the release of some deleted scenes from Captain Marvel ahead of the DVD release – but not everyone was pleased with one scene in particular.

The deleted scene, shared by USA Today Life, was actually an extended cut of a scene that featured in the movie.

It showed Carol studying a map, before a man on a motorcycle, played by Robert Kazinsky aka EastEnders' Sean Slater, approaches and asks her to give him a smile.

He says: "Nice scuba suit, you need a ride darling? How about a smile for me, huh?

"I'm offering to help you, the least you can do is give me a smile."

In the film, the superhero then steals some clothes and his bike, before riding off, but in this new clip, unimpressed by the man's comments towards her, she unleashes her powers on him.

Sharing the scene on Twitter, USA TODAY wrote: "Get an exclusive first look at @brielarson taking on toxic masculinity (in the form of @robertkazinsky) in this extended Captain Marvel scene."

This post angered many viewers – especially men – who thought Carol was in the wrong for "assaulting" the man and some even went as far as to brand her a "villain" for her actions.

One person wrote: "Captain Marvel tortures a man, steals his motorcycle. Yikes. Movie scenes like this will definitely not help feminists causes. The man's crime, he asked a woman to smile. Just imagine if a man treated a woman like this in our society."

Another commented: "She's a villain for sure. She victimizes him with several crimes. Sad girls are seeing this as a role model."

A third posted: "Wtf Marvel? Your supposed next 'leader of the MCU' is a straight up villain? Assaulting someone and stealing their property over a compliment? I guess Endgame really was the end."

However others were quick to point out that male superheroes had done far worse – and that the hate against Captain Marvel was unnecessary and proved a point about toxic masculinity.

"95 percent sure the dudes getting triggered by that one deleted scene from Captain Marvel (which didn't even make the final cut) didn't say s*** when Steve almost threw a guy off of the top of a building in The Winter Soldier (which was literally in the film)," argued one Marvel fan.

A second replied: "I don't think I've ever seen a better example of sexist bias than this whole Captain Marvel deleted scene thing. People genuinely kicking off about that when it is literally a feature of almost every male led action movie that the hero acquires their vehicle off a jack***."

Even Robert Kazinsky, who was the actor in the deleted scene, couldn't believe the backlash.

He tweeted: "I'm caught in the mentions of men who hate Captain Marvel and oh my god…"

Alongside this he shared a gif of Brie Larson laughing.

Singer Halsey also waded into the debate, praising Carol for "belonging to no man" and "not owing anyone a goddamn thing".

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