Charlotte Crosby snogs I’m A Celeb campmate Tanya Hennessy after YouTuber says she’s ‘desperate’ to feel her lip fillers – The Sun

CHARLOTTE Crosby has snogged her I'm A Celeb campmate Tanya Hennessy after the YouTube star begged to feel her lip fillers.

Tanya, 34, appeared obsessed with touching Charlotte's mouth and said she was "desperate" for kiss after meeting the Geordie Shore star.

Charlotte previously joked her swollen lips look like "a baboon's a**e", and they have certainly attracted attention on the Australian version of I'm A Celeb.

Tanya said to her in the latest episode: "I really wanna like, kiss your mouth. I want to know how those lips feel! I want to kiss them. Just like a peck. You don't have to kiss me back!"

Trying to get out of it Charlotte, 29, replied: "What about if you just kiss the side?"

But Tanya insisted: "No, I've got to get right in. That's weird that you're not looking" before Charlotte said: "What you want us to look into your eyes? Oh go on then Tanya."

The pair shared a brief peck, before Charlotte asked: "What did you think?" and Tanya screeched: "Amazing!"

But Charlotte is no stranger to snogging her campmates – as she already shared a smooch with Ryan Gallagher and even jumped into his bed.

Charlotte was seen necking the Married At First Sight star after flirting up a storm with him in the jungle, and the bush action started just before the pair went to bed for the night.

Charlotte went to Ryan's bed and confessed she wanted to kiss him while she was washing up earlier in the episode.

"I told you about the surprise. I was going to give you a kiss!" she said.

Ryan then confirmed he felt the same and replied: "I was going to kiss you by the basin!"

Charlotte then walked back to her camp bed, with Ryan tapping her bottom as she left.

Later in the night, Ryan woke up and got out of bed, making it squeak in the process.

Charlotte was also awake and said: "You're smashing things around!"

Ryan then walked over to Charlotte's bed and kissed her before saying "done" and walking back to his bed.

But this wasn't enough for our Char, who then walked over to his bed and hopped in and spooned him.

In a funny moment, the show then cut to a short clip of two turtles mating, although Charlotte and Ryan were only shown kissing and spooning.

So far Charlotte has managed to grab a few headlines with her antics.

She flashed her pants for the world to see and also ate bull testicles in a disgusting Bushtucker Trial.

Charlotte's latest antics come after Australian network Channel 10 denied she was paid $1 million to take part in the show.

A network spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph in Australia: "That figure is ludicrous. Completely untrue."

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