Chloe Ferry shows off shrinking frame as she twerks in fishnet tights and sexy bunny costume

CHLOE Ferry got her Halloween on a day late, but made up for it by twerking a latex bunny costume.

Chloe, 25, woke up in a London hotel room alongside her BFF Bethan Kershaw and told fans about her belated Halloween plans.

Clearly still waking up, Chloe tried to quote seminal cult film teen girls with the famous line, "Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total slut".

She fumbled the line but then managed to get the quote out asking fans how they were feeling about the Prime Minster's announcement to start a national lockdown on Thursday.

"I'm not gonna lie, I'm going to struggle," she said from under the duvet.

"Mentally, how is everyone taking it?"

Chloe then promised to raise money for people who might lose their jobs in lockdown and to donate food to food banks.

She then asked her fans to DM her suggestions as to other ways she can help.

The Geordie Shore star then donned a grey crop top and tights to get her hair.

Chloe emerged from the salon with long platinum locks before changing into her sexy Halloween costume.

She twerked and showed off her curves in the latex costume complete with matching bunny ears and fishnet stockings.

Dancing to Cardi B's hit WAP, Bethan joined in for the dance session in a matching bunny costume.

Their raunchy dance was interuppted by an unseen man at the house party who asked "can I join in".

It's been a big weekend for the two best friends who enjoyed a girls' night out on Saturday.

The two women laughed as Bethan leaned over to another car driving past them to sing along to WAP.

In the same moment, Chloe realised her top had fallen slightly revealing some of her left nipple.

But as the girls cruised around London in their chauffer driven ride, Chloe continued to show off her sexy moves, and had another wardrobe malfunction.

She simply put her red nailed hand over her boob and covered up as she continued to grind in the backseat.

The Geordie Shore babe also revealed she achieved her new lockdown figure by embarking on a 1,300 calories-a-day diet.

The Geordie bombshell added about her weight loss: "I felt I had put some weight on after having my boobs done.

"So I'm getting back in there. I have about 1300 calories a day, and obviously, I have chicken, rice, boiled eggs, protein shakes, and all that sort of stuff."

The reality star's nip slip comes after she told The Sun about her cosmetic surgery after splashing out thousands to achieve her hourglass frame.

Then last month she jetted to Turkey for boob reduction surgery after losing weight and previously comparing her old breast implants to "dumplings" as she shared her shock at their size.

She's now told The Sun Online her recent boob reduction is the last of her operations, and she won't shell out one more penny on going under the knife.

Asked if she had more plans to have surgery, Chloe declared: "No, no more!"

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