Cocky Family Feud contestant loses £6k after hilariously bad answer

An overly-confident Family Feud contestant was left seriously red-faced after losing out on thousands with her answer to a pretty simple question.

Eve Dubois and her family were competing on the Canadian version of the global show when she competed in a “sudden death” round with competitor Logan Tomlin.

The pair were asked a simple question for the chance to walk away with $10,000 Canadian dollars (£5.9k).

“Name Popeye’s favourite food?” host Gerry Dee asked.

Within a flash, Eve slammed the buzzer and blurted out “chicken”.

She then performed a celebratory dance – clearly massively confident she had answered correctly.

The audience burst out into laughter as a member of the Dubois family uttered: “Oh my God!”

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Dee then shouted at the scoreboard to “show me chicken” but instead was handed a giant red X to confirm the incorrect answer.

Logan then buzzed in with the clear answer of “spinach” and was sent leaping for joy as the answer is given the tick.

The humiliated Dee then chimes in to explain why she had said chicken, claiming she had thought the question was directed at the popular takeaway franchise Popeyes.

Thousands of people have seen the clip after it was shared to Twitter, sparking a flood of comments.

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“Okay, okay, that was a blonde moment,” one joked.

Another wrote: “Hilarious, I might have thought that for a second. Then my common sense would set in.”

And a third commented: “The confidence was so cringe.”

Some viewers called on the Popeye’s chain to offer Ms Dubois an advertising deal.

And they hilariously responded by posting a mocked-up picture of a cheque addressed to Eve, entitling her to “Ten thousand dollars worth of Popeyes”.

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