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MANY former contestants have come out of the woodwork to talk about their stint on the reality series.

One Come Dine With Me winner explained they were asked by producers to crack their knuckles to rattle their competition.

Since first airing in 2005, the Channel 4 program has put several amateur chefs to the test, with the promise of a £1,000 cash prize.

In their attempt to become the perfect dinner party host, participants have to prove their skills in the kitchen before their guests are ushered out to rate their cooking and hosting talents during a taxi drive home.

Speaking of which, the former contestant took to Reddit to explain the vehicle actually goes in circles.

"It does indeed. Takes you back to the house after you've filmed in the back doing the score, then you get another separate taxi home", they wrote.

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While they refused to give out their name, the former participant wrote their post in 2012, right after their own series of episodes aired, launching an "Ask Me Anything" thread.

But as they responded to many questions from fellow Reddit users, they dropped a few more bombshells – including what Come Dine With Me producers had asked from them to cause unease around the dinner table.

"Particular parts are a bit staged", they wrote.

"I crack my knuckles a lot, and at one point, I was tapped on the shoulder as part of a code to crack them so they could get the other's look of disgust on camera."

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However, this former contestant also took the time to debunk theories that had been swirling around the Internet about the program.

This included one rumour according to which the Come Dine With Me production often sabotaged contestants' cooking.

"Personally, no interfering needed to happen with mine, I f***** it up all by myself haha", they penned.

"Although, personally no interfering happened with the other guest's food, and theirs was delicious."

One curious viewer then asked: "I heard that with all the filming and interviews that the food is usually cold by the time you get to eat it. Any truth to this?"

The former winner responded: "Yes, this actually holds an element of truth."

"You have to work with their schedule and on one occasion it meant someone's food was a bit cold when served."

"They just apologised and we had to score fairly, based on the fact it wasn't the dinner host's fault."

Some of these revelations may be act as confirmation of Katy Spence's experience in Come Dine With Me.

In March, 2022, Katy spilled the beans about how the show was "staged."

"During my week, one of the people absolutely should have won, their food was the best", she first said in a TikTok video.

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"But, it's hugely edited, massively staged – and they know who they want to win right from the get go."

Come Dine With Me airs every week night from 5pm on Channel 4.

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