Coronation Street fans convinced Daisy broke soap's golden rule during rant to Jenny – but did you spot it?

CORONATION Street viewers believe they heard Daisy Midgeley drop the F bomb at the Rovers Return.

Fans are convinced they heard the barmaid swear during Wednesday's episode of the ITV soap.

After a dramatic break up between Grace and Michael, Daisy told Jenny she couldn't hear their conversation because she was busy working.

When Jenny asked what happened, viewers thought Daisy said: “I don’t know do I… I’m just mad at myself because I was too busy f***ing work to hear what it was all about."

Fans took to Twitter to quiz Daisy's dialogue.

One said: “Was it just me or did Daisy say the F word in Corrie?”

A second wrote:  “Loving Corrie dropping the F-bomb just like a proper pub."

Another penned: “Did Daisy say to Jennie 'I was too busy f***in' working' during their discussion behind the bar?!! Is that the first time f*** has been said on Corrie?”

Daisy actually said she was too busy "flipping working" as she missed out on the Grace and Michael drama.

Michael finally broke off his on-off romance with Grace in the Rovers Return.

Despite agreeing to go into business together, Michael had a change of heart and told Grace he doesn't see a future together.

He revealed: “I don’t think it’s a good idea… us… working together.”

A shocked Grace said: “Where’s this coming from? You were fine with it yesterday.”

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And then asked: “What else aren’t you telling me?”

Michael admitted: “I don’t think this, us, I don’t think that’s working either.

"I mean I care for you a lot and I want you and Glory in my life."

"But… I don’t love you.”

Grace angrily threw a drink over Michael before storming out of the pub.

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