Coronation Street theory: Imran Habeeb kills Ben after Abi Webster blackmail twist

Coronation Street: Abi hints at negative pregnancy test to Imran

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Coronation Street’s Abi Webster (played by Sally Carman) and Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) have been at loggerheads of late as they battle over the custody of their son Alfie. The duo ended up having a one-night stand last year, and despite originally agreeing to get on for the sake of their baby, Imran turned against Abi in a bid to get sole custody. ITV viewers were shocked to see Imran hire a private investigator, Ben Chancellor (Jon-Paul Bell) to fake images of Abi still on drugs.

Imran and his partner Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor), who chose to forgive his infidelity, now have sole custody of Alfie and are raising him together.

However, despite having her dreams of becoming a mother come true, Toyah has faced criticism from other residents about her taking the baby from Abi.

In scenes that aired on Friday night, Ben threatened Imran and told the solicitor he would expose the truth about Abi if he didn’t give him more money.

Reluctantly, Imran gives Ben £100 in the hope he would go away.

Although, little did Imran know that Ben was using the money to score some drugs for himself.

As he left the solicitor’s office, Abi followed Ben and recorded the entire exchange on her phone.

Ben ran after the mechanic and a scuffle broke out as he tried to retrieve Abi’s phone.

Abi was not having any of it, and she demanded Ben tell her the truth, otherwise she would send the video to the police.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ben shouted as he grabbed Abi. “You were recording me.”

She replied: “Yeah, a trick you taught me, only this time there is a drug deal to get on camera.”

“Give me the phone,” Ben demanded. “Delete it.”

“That won’t do much good,” Abi taunted as she added: “I’ve already sent it to a mate.”

She went on to blackmail Ben by suggesting she could delete it from her phone if he came clean about his deal with Imran.

“Tell the truth,” Abi raged. “That Imran paid you to lie about me buying drugs.”

“Why would I do that?” he asked as Abi hit back: “Because it is the truth. Otherwise this video… it goes two places, your boss and to the cops.”

Abi gave Ben an ultimatum and told him if he didn’t come clean by 4pm, she would send the video on to the police.

Meanwhile, Ben tried to tell Imran what Abi was planning, but the solicitor was having none of it and kicked him out of the office.

Clearly angered by Imran’s response, he went to see Abi and told her he would tell the truth.

Later on, Imran received a call from Abi’s solicitor revealing that Ben had retracted his statement.

“It’s about my client, Abi Webster and the lies you told in Alfie’s custody hearing,” he said.

“Unless you have some evidence,” Imran raged before the solicitor replied: “Actually I do.

“Some new evidence has just come to light which indicates that you committed perjury and also conspired to pervert the course of justice.”

Imran proceeded to get into a row with his partner Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) where he confessed his worries about losing his business, Toyah and Alfie.

The solicitor is clearly desperate and will do anything to stop Ben from testifying against him.

Will he turn to murder just to keep his family together and to stop Abi from taking Alfie?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 7.30pm.

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