Coronation Street viewers in stitches over Gail’s steamy ‘stimulator’ confession

Coronation Street viewers could hardly believe what they were watching during Friday’s episode of the hit ITV soap, when cobbles favourite Gail Platt appeared to make a very racy confession about her “stimulator.”

Returning to our screens after several weeks away, Gail could be seen wandering down the staircase of her home wearing a dressing gown before being greeted by Shona and David, who quipped: “What time do you call this lazy bones?”

Gail then casually replied: “I have just had one of the best sleeps in my life, I tell you this little hand-held thingymabob is a game changer.”

Baffled by what she was talking about, David then pressed further and asked: “What thingymabob?”

Without missed a beat, his wife Shona then chimed in: “Gail’s stimulator!”, causing David to immediately spit out the orange juice he was drinking as he thought she was referring something infinitely more x-rated.

“Flipping heck, I didn’t wanna hear that,” he added.

Gail then took a moment to clarify what she meant as she argued: “It’s a sleep aid, look!”

With a smirk on her face, Shona then added : “You didn’t think it was,” before David interrupted to say “No, no stop it! Do not finish that sentence!”

In hilarious scenes, Gail then began to list all of the benefits her “stimulator” had provided so far, with David left dying of embarrassment as he pleaded with his mum to stop saying the word “stimulator.”

“Can you stop saying stimulator,” lamented the long suffering barber.

Following Gail’s surprising confession, fans were quick to share their thoughts on the lighthearted moment, as they took to social media to comment.

“Gail’s stimulator, haha,” wrote one fan.

“Gail with her "Stimulator”,” said someone else, as another added: “Poor David.”

A fourth then agreed: "That David and Gail scene made me cry with laughter."

"Gail has been sleeping with her tingling stimulator – no idea how she held onto it all night – assuming she had it in her hand" added a fifth person – with another fan replied: "Brilliant storyline that – hilarious.”

The moment of levity was a far cry from the more serious storylines taking place on the cobbles, such as Paul Foreman’s recent MND diagnosis and his brush with criminality in order to try and secure a future before his time runs out.

On Friday’s episode, gangster Damon even took a beating in order to protect Paul’s identity, after the hapless labourer had attempted to blackmail him over his recent dodgy dealings.

Coronation Street continues at 8pm Mon, Wed & Friday on ITV and ITVX


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