Coronation Streets Kevin heartbreak teased as Abi drops Imran baby bombshell

Long serving Coronation Street residents Kevin Webster and Toyah Battersby could be set for heartbreak, as Abi Franklin drops a bombshell revelation following her affair with Imran Habeeb.

After the miscarriage of justice at the first trial regarding Seb's death, which saw lawyer Imran's foster daughter Kelly convicted of his murder instead of Corey, Seb's mother Abi and Imran were distraught.

It was later revealed that following the trial, Imran spent the night with a mystery woman.

Following months of speculation, viewers finally learnt that Imran had spent the night with Seb's mum Abi, and since then, fans have been wondering if Kevin and Toyah will discover the truth about Imran and Abi's fling.

The affair still hasn't been revealed, but many viewers have predicted that it will end in heartbreak for Kevin, who later married Abi without knowing she had a fling with Imran.

After viewers took to social media to comment on the storyline, saying "Do we think Abi might be pregnant with Imran's baby?", their comments could be confirmed as Coronation Street Spoilers reveal that Abi could be pregnant.

After Abi thinks that she could be pregnant, she meets up with Imran in Victoria Park and tells him that if she is pregnant, then Kevin deserves to know the truth about their affair.

However, unknown to Abi and Imran, Kevin is also walking through the park and overhears them talking.

Fortunately for Abi though, Kevin did not hear her talking about the possibly pregnancy and instead convinces him that she and Imran were arguing over Kelly.

It's not just heartbreak for Kevin that looks set to be teased in future Coronation Street storylines however, as Toyah is beginning to grow suspicious of Imran.

Spoilers reveal that she begins to question Imran's wherabouts, after she asked him where he was the night before.

Having convinced her that he had gone outside to watch the fireworks, his heart is in his mouth when Abi visits their flat and Toyah lets her in.

How long can Abi keep her and Imran's affair a secret? And how long will it be before viewers discover if Abi is pregnant with Imran's baby? Fans will have to wait and see.

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