‘Corporate’ Wants to Help You Get Rid of All Your Awards Season Screeners

Within the drawers and closets and cabinets of entertainment industry-adjacent individuals lay numerous physical memories of film and TV of years past. Those DVD screeners that have become a staple of award campaigns of all kinds do have a tendency to pile up over time.

So during an always-tumultuous award season, the Comedy Central show “Corporate” is inviting anyone with a long-neglected stack of discs to offer up their screeners back to the disposable plastic gods at recycling stations situated in different parts of Los Angeles throughout the rest of the month.

Got a disc with an original song written for a Dreamworks animated movie released back in 2014? Still figuring out what to do with proof of ABC’s programming lineup at the beginning of the decade? Ready to finally relinquish the hope of catching up on those two seasons of “How to Make It in America” you’ve always been meaning to get around to?

Now you have a place to free your anxieties. The receptacles will be stationed at a trio of different locations. Beginning Tuesday and going through June 13, there’ll be one near the corner of Wilshire and Stanford in Santa Monica. June 14-15 will find it near Pico and Doheny in Beverly Hills, while June 16-19 will round out the effort with a drop-off on Vine, right across the street from the Capitol Records building in Hollywood.

Why this unconventional method for “Corporate” instead of the usual FYC campaign tactics? Tuesday’s announcement explained:

“Look, we’re just trying to be straight shooters. At least we’re not inviting you to another screening or schmoozing event. Does anyone like spending a night out at one of those? We could have played to the lowest common denominator and sent puppies to your office, along with fatty foods. The only potential saving grace is that ‘Corporate’ is the brainchild of three white males, so there’s always a chance at recognition. In either case, happy voting!”

Earlier this week, Comedy Central announced that the acclaimed comedy would be returning for a third and final season sometime in 2020. For more about one of Season 2’s most daring episodes, read IndieWire’s conversation with stars/co-creators Jake Weisman and Matt Ingrebetson here.

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