Corrie star’s stripper fiancée had no idea about huge age gap with sugar daddy

Table dancer Robyn Delabarre had no idea how old her sugar daddy boyfriend, former Coronation Street star Chris Quinten, was when they started dating.

Robyn started working at a strip club for Chris but had no idea who he was as she hadn't even been born when he left Corrie in 1989.

The couple, who appeared in My Sugar Daddy & Me on 5STAR on Wednesday night, have a huge 41-year age gap between them.

When they first met, Robyn, who was 20 at the time, was convinced that Chris was 45 years old and he did consider lying about his age.

So it's fair to say she got a bit of a shock when she discovered her beau's true age.

But she said: "After the initial shock I wasn't bothered."

The duo's secret relationship became public knowledge after Chris proposed to Robyn on her 21st birthday.

They went on to appear on This Morning but Robyn hadn't told her parents about their relationship.

She said her dad, who was 40 at the time, "was the most shocked", adding: "I didn't want to tell him about us as he's so protective."

And the brunette beauty was worried about telling her mum, 38, so she got her aunt to break the news.

Robyn said: "She called me up in tears and asked me what was going on.

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"She was more worried he worked in a strip club than his age as she thought he wouldn't be committed.

"I told her I couldn't be with someone who treats me badly and that would be far worse than the age gap."

However both of Robyn's parents have come around to Chris now – although he admitted he and Robyn "don't care what anyone thinks".

He revealed: "I have been mistaken for her dad, which is ironic as he's younger. After I ordered a Burberry cake for her 21st the bakery said, 'Did your daughter enjoy it?'"

Chris has been married before and has three children from three partners, with one being just seven years younger than Robyn.

But he's open to having more with Robyn, despite his age.

He said: "I put our age gap aside when it comes to thinking of children.

"It's never going to work if I think about it, so I'm just going to try to have a baby."

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