Couple transform their Somerset home into an amazing 1930s time capsule

For most history lovers the 1930s is a bygone era.

But vintage fans Lisa and Neil Fletcher enjoy the decade so much it’s as if they still live in it.

The couple have transformed their Somerset home into a pre-war haven full of retro furnishings and appliances – with even a mangle and gramophone still in use and classic cars parked in the garage.

Lisa, 58, had the dream of turning back the clock and convinced engineer Neil, 55, to get on board after they married in 1991.

She said: ‘I was always interested in history from a child. After Neil and I married, I bought a few art deco pieces for the house until eventually he started buying them as well.

‘We decided to go full ’20s and ’30s high style – for me it had to be full-on glamour. Everything in our house has a story. If I woke up and it was all modern I’d lock myself in a cupboard and not come out!’

The couple only watch black and white films and TV and have a 1930s fridge, lawnmower and vacuum cleaner. They try to only pay in cash and use a landline rather than mobile phones.

The renovation of their home in Watchet, which they moved to six years ago, includes 1930s light switches, skirting boards, doorknobs and cabinets.

And the pair paid £250 for a 1929 Jackson grey enamel cooker, which they use every day.

Over time they have filled their wardrobes with original 1930s clothing to complete their vintage existence.

Lisa said: ‘I was tipped off by someone about a business and they have basically supplied me with my entire wardrobe.

‘We also go to car boot sales and charity shops a lot.

‘I think people see us as completely barking mad, but I couldn’t imagine anything else.’

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