'Criminal Minds' Revival: Will Original Stars Return?

A police procedural drama that ran on television for 15 years, Criminal Minds is a fan-favorite television show that featured an ensemble cast of talented performers. With seven main actors in the lead roles and a host of supporting players, Criminal Minds received critical acclaim not only for the riveting storylines but for the acting and character development as well. With the recent buzz that a revival of Criminal Minds is in development, fans are diving deep to learn everything that they can about the reboot, and wondering whether the original cast, for whom viewers have so much love, will be attached to star. 

When did ‘Criminal Minds’ debut on television?

Criminal Minds premiered on television in 2005 and immediately became one of the star programs of the CBS network. The show followed the exploits of a group of FBI criminal profilers who work out of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, studying and profiling violent criminals, in an attempt to solve the crimes that the perpetrators inflict.

Criminal Minds dove deep not only into the psyches of the criminals themselves, but also of the profilers, taking viewers through the travails of their personal and professional lives.

Criminal Minds spawned a media franchise, becoming one of television’s most-watched shows. It also helped to launch the careers of the seven lead stars, Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness. Longtime television mainstay Mandy Patinkin helmed the cast, playing senior supervisory special agent Jason Gideon. 

What do fans know about the ‘Criminal Minds’ revival?

Criminal Minds ran through February 2020, a total of 15 years on the air. While fans were devastated when the series went off the air, recent news indicates that viewers will soon be able to enjoy the same drama and intrigue that they became invested in so many years ago. According to reports, Criminal Minds could be coming back soon for a major revival on the Paramount+ streaming service.

Paramount+ is set to launch in early March and will be offering a slew of new programs for fans to enjoy. The Criminal Minds reboot is expected to be one of the most popular new shows, and will undoubtedly bring a number of new subscribers to the streaming service. Still, details are few regarding the reboot, and showrunners have not yet confirmed many of the major details. What fans do know is that the new episodes of Criminal Minds will follow a single story arc, rather than individual storylines in each episode, and a Criminal Minds-based docuseries is also in the works. 

Will the original cast of ‘Criminal Minds’ return for the revival?

One of the biggest questions that fans have about the Criminal Minds reboot is whether the original cast will be returning. Unfortunately, fans will have to remain in the dark a little while longer. According to a recent Screen Rant report, showrunners have not yet revealed if any of the original cast will be returning, and it could be a while before those details are released to the public. Additionally, it is not even known if the production team for Criminal Minds has even talked to the cast, so fans could potentially be looking at a very different lineup when the show launches.

Still — showrunners for the series know their audience, and they undoubtedly realize that fans are invested in seeing some of their favorite characters, so odds are good that a few fan-favorite performers will be appearing in the Criminal Minds reboot. 

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