Damon takes nasty beating to save dying Paul in Coronation Street

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) knew he was playing with fire when he got involved with the likes of Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) in Coronation Street, but he didn’t expect it to get quite so brutal so quickly.

Having found himself in serious debt after being signed off from work, Paul desperately turned to crime in order to make some quick cash.

However, things soon backfired when he was caught out.

With a prison sentence looming, and Paul refusing to disclose his motor neurone disease diagnosis to the court, friend and solicitor Dee-Dee Bailey’s (Channique Sterling-Brown) final suggestion was to turn informant and hand over the identities of his bosses in exchange for a lighter sentence.

This sparked an idea for Paul, who had lost out on further income after he backed out of an insurance scam.

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Instead of taking Dee-Dee’s advice, Paul went straight to Damon, who had put him in contact with boss Niall in the first place.

In an act of desperation, he told Damon that he wanted £25,000 in exchange for keeping quiet.

Furious, Damon informed Niall and his brother, who decided that they needed to shut Paul up for good.

When Paul met with Damon to retrieve the money, he was horrified to learn that he wouldn’t be getting it.

Desperate Paul pleaded with Damon, telling him how much he needed the money.

Instead, Damon revealed that Niall and his brother were on their way, and Paul wouldn’t get out of the confrontation alive.

As terrified Paul begged for his life, it seemed Damon had had a change of heart, and sent him on his way, much to the disgust of Niall, who arrived moments later.

When Paul later bumped into Damon on the Street later, he was horrified to see that Damon had been badly beaten up.

The local bad boy explained how he had told them that he’d sorted it, but that they weren’t satisfied with that, and when he refused to tell them where Paul lived, things turned violent.

Grateful that Damon had saved his skin, Paul returned to Dee-Dee and revealed that he couldn’t hand him in to the police after what he’d done for him.

Unable to see another way out, Dee-Dee admitted that all Paul could do now would be to plead guilty and hope he gets a suspended sentence.

Could Paul’s misguided loyalty to Damon see him spend the rest of his life behind bars?

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