Dana Carvey and Conan O'Brien made a podcast miniseries together

Conan O’Brien is ready for a Deep Dive with Dana.

He and master of impressions Dana Carvey, it turns out, had so much fun talking to each other on Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend that they decided to keep it going with a new podcast miniseries coming this August.

“It’s basically just me setting him up and him doing routines, and it’s been an absolute joy,” O’Brien said on Conan.

“We have a very similar sense of humor,” Carvey added. “It’s very acidy, redundant phrases that make our brains happy.”

As a little taste, Carvey teased an impression of Johnny Carson he recorded where the setup involved the former Tonight Show host getting pulled over in his car in the ’70s for drinking too many “Strawberry Boom Booms at the Slippery Tim’s.”

There are six episodes of what O’Brien calls “silly” and Carvey calls “abstract” dropping on Stitcher Premium this July 1, but Deep Dive with Dana will then air weekly on wherever you get your podcast fix beginning Aug. 5.

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