David Beckham films Victoria's 'peachy' bum for cheeky video behind her back

DAVID Beckham had his eyes locked on just one of his wife Victoria's features today – her "peachy" bum.

The 45-year-old former football star filmed the Posh posterior as she sashayed up a set of stairs today.

He shared the footage on Instagram writing: "Looking good" as Victoria's bum wiggled up the steps in front of him.

For good measure, in case there was any doubt what he was referring to, the England veteran added two dancing peach emojis.

And if anyone was in doubt about who's bum it was, the back pockets on Victoria's tight jeans were adorned with the initials 'V' and 'B'.

The post came right after David posted a shot of himself staring intently at something to his right.

Clasping a mug, he wrote: "Coffee time and the parting is back."

Victoria, 46, meanwhile, had her mind on more serious things, putting in the hours launching her new spring/summer 2021 collection.

And all of the family, bar eldest son Brooklyn, turned up to support her, posing for a series of cute pictures.

She wrote: "My favourite (and only) guests this season! 😂 love you all so much."

Victoria's 2021 launch got off to a controversial start last week when she shared a shot of a model's bare boobs.

Fans warned that the picture, which she posted on Instagram, would see her fall foul of strict anti-nudity rules.

However, the clip has stayed online – where it has been viewed nearly 2million times.

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