EastEnders' Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway torn apart and facing uncertain future reveals Tony Clay

EASTENDERS star Tony Clay says his character Callum Highway and Ben Mitchell are torn apart and face an uncertain future.

Wannabe policeman Callum has spent lockdown managing to achieve his dream and will return as a fully-fledged copper when new episodes resume next month.

His exciting new life will put him in danger when he is caught between doing his job and boyfriend Ben's family's criminal empire.

Albert Square star Tony, 29, says there will be many twists and turns in store for the pair.

He revealed: "Callum has this new career path but Ben has his own path as such. It will be really interesting to see how he deals with both.

"They’ve not been together as Ben and Phil have been high risk but that’s brought that closeness back. Ups and downs, just how we want it!"

As a result, Tony believes there will be problems between Callum and Ben down the line, to the disappointment of many Enders fans.

He said: "Naturally that causes its own issues down the line. He is always trying to do the right thing but the heart wants what the heart wants."

He then joked: "And then you have Ben and his dad – he couldn’t have picked any worse!

"Nah, I’m kidding! You will see a new side of him – he is growing into himself and his new job and the adventures he will have."

Tony also thinks his character will struggle to juggle his family life and his career and is ultimately left in a very difficult position.

He added: "[Callum] Massively conflicted I think. You will see a new side to Callum – job or his love life? Family is everything – how does Callum fit into that with Ben and Phil?

"He’s never had that, he’s come from a broken home but he is being welcomed. into the fold. A lot of twists and turns."

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