EastEnders Kush Kazemi still alive as fans work out Grays comeuppance

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EastEnders fans could be about to have the surprise of a lifetime this Christmas, as it looks as though Kush Kazemi could make an epic return.

Avid viewers will remember Kush was brutally murdered at the hands of Walford's resident serial killer Gray Atkins earlier this year, when Gray pushed him in front of an oncoming Tube train.

Fans were devastated to learn Kush had been killed off – but now some eagle-eyed viewers think it could all be a ruse.

Kush could be hiding in the shadows, biding his time to exact revenge on Gray.

And a huge Christmas storyline could be the perfect time for it, especially with Gray and Chelsea's engagement looming.

Taking to Facebook, one fan theorised: "Oooo it would be awesome if Kush survives the train incident and Whitney starts to get strange messages or cryptic clues, feeling she’s being watched.

"And Christmas time the big reveal or what happens to him and how he survives (a bit of lost memory/recovery/gathering evidence) and the police and female lawyer could be part of the story…

"Now that would be an awesome ending!" they concluded.

Someone else quickly agreed: "OMG it sure would!"

Other fans are more certain Tina is the victim Gray accidentally left alive, as one fan theorised: "Tina is so alive in #EastEnders. Festive episodes she’ll rock up.

"We seen Chantelle die, seen Kush die, didn’t see Tina die or even get buried. She’s either trapped or on the run!"

While another agreed: "Isn't Tina in hiding and supposed to come back from the dead?"

And someone else echoed: "I really want Tina alive because she deserved a better exit than that and I want Shirley to beat the hell out of Gray when the truth comes out!"

It looks like Gray could soon be set to get what's coming to him, as EastEnders spoilers have revealed Whitney finds out he's lying about his job next week.

She's set to discover Gray is now working at a burger joint, and determined to confront Chelsea over his lies – though Gray begs her not to expose him.

But will Whitney go through with it? And will Gray finally get what he deserves? Only time will tell.

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