EastEnders’ Lee Carter set for surprise return to help struggling parents Mick and Linda

EASTENDERS character Lee Carter is making a comeback on the show as his parents Mick and Linda struggle to keep it together.

Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard left the soap three years ago when his character was seen heading to Dover following the breakdown of his marriage to Whitney Dean.

He will now return just in time to help his parents who have had a hard time since Mick’s stint in prison.

Danny-Boy told The Mirror: "The way things are going with the Carters at the minute, it makes total sense that Lee would return, even for a short stint.

"I will always be loyal to the Carter Clan and the show, and am very excited to be back on set with some immensely talented people whom I love dearly."

His on-screen dad Mick ( Danny Dyer) is currently suffering panic attacks after being in prison, but he is keeping it secret from Linda.

The couple are also trying to deal with the fact their son Ollie might have autism and Linda has been hitting the bottle.

When Danny-Boy left the soap he moaned that then producer Sean O’Connor hadn’t done enough with his exit.

He said: "I was disappointed how my character left with the mental health story.

"He could have left with something similar but with a little more attention to detail. I feel it got a little brushed off a bit."

Of Sean's decision, he said: "I had to respect that, just in terms of how my storyline came to an end. That is just the way it is."

Danny-Boy had played the troubled former Army man since 2014.

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